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A collection of random thoughts 4


Speaker of the Dead
I know there is a book that is a direct squeal to Ender’s Game but decided to go in publication order for this series. Now what hooked me about this book is the mystery surrounding the nature of the Piggies and why they do what they do. The time jump is a fun story convention when done right and in this book it was done right. There is a mystery about Novinha’s family and I enjoyed finding out what happened in the years since she called for a Speaker. Jane is a fun character and she learns what Graff deduces in Ender’s Game which is Ender works best without a net. I am excited to see what happens in the next book.

Dark Matters  S1E1&2
Caught this show on a fluke while browsing Netflix. The premise sounds interesting but in the end not something to hold me long term. I felt like I seen this story before but different setting.The characters really don’t do it for me except for Five and that’s because there is more to her than being a generic mercenary. The mystery of who Five is and who took their memories are nice teases to continue on. Which I may do at a later date.

30 for 30: You Don’t Know Bo
I am not a sports fan but find myself from time to time checking out documentaries on the subject. I first came aware of Bo Jackson from a kids cartoon in the 90s called ProStars. It involved Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky fighting crime. The idea of a guy playing two sports fascinated me and stayed with me for years. So when I saw this documentary on Netflix I knew I had to watch it. To learn the history behind the legend was a treat and sad to see his career cut short by a freak accident.

The Final Girls (2015)
A young woman dealing with her mother’s death gets sucked into a 80s slasher flick that her deceased mother starred in. A fun movie with many throw backs. I love how the world the characters are transported to takes on the warped physics of movies. What is really amazing is the Flashback scene in how it looks and used later. At first I thought the movie was a dream designed to help her to get over the death of her mother. The ending which I enjoyed squashed those theories. There is some sort of higher power to the reality that goes out of it way to protect the story of the movie. The main example is the fact that the movie ejects the outsiders once they take an active part in the story. They throw the story out of wack in major and almost disastrous way. Evidence for this theory is when they first entered the movie and took no active part in the story the reality resets every 92 minutes.


A Shady Deal


I went to a used car lot to look at some cars today. As I was speaking to the sales person about the details on some of the cars I mention that I would have to sell the current car to a company to come up with the cash for the down payment if anything on the lot stuck my fancy.

The person proceeds to tell me why would you sell your car to that company for that amount. I tell you what you need to do and I listened thinking the person may of knew of something in the area I was unaware of. They then stated all you got to do is take your car down to a title pawn place get $1000 or $1500 and when they call for the first payment tell them you not going to pay and come get the car. I was dumb founded for a second and a little voice in my head said back away slowly.

I didn’t back away but did test drive a car and told my brother the story. I said to him how can I trust these people if they are going to advise me to commit fraud and along with jacking up my credit.  This and the fact they wanted to much money for junk made me leave the lot without a purchase.

My thoughts on the nice guy label


My thoughts on this article.

I dislike the nice guy label. I grew up in a time and place where being labeled nice guy was a bad thing. If you were a “nice guy” you were considered a push over, dupe or mark and not taken seriously by others. I understand now a days people may considered it a good thing but I still harbor bad feelings about the label. Also on this list geek and nerd. I rather be a person and not shoved into a small box by what entertainment I like/treat people.

As for those jackasses in this article. If you got to state you are a nice guy you are not a nice guy. It like the people that say “I am a grown ass man” as a reply. In both cases you should not have to state who or what you are your actions should speak for you. By screaming from the rooftops what you are you are proving you are not.

Dating sites are rough you have to have a thick skin going into it. I been using them for over a decade. The silence treatment is a given and you have to take like a man and move on. If you have not heard a peep in 24hrs after initial contact just wash your hands of it and move on. I was told once that woman like you to chase them. Maybe in the old days but not anymore. Well at least in the online arena anyway. In the end you wind up looking like these guys wasting energy on someone who doesn’t want to date you. They should spend that energy in other ways that will bring them joy not frustration.

Smash Up Game 1


First you might want to watch this video to see how the game is played before reading the below ramblings.




My Card Game Collection




Crazy thing happened when I watched The Amazing Spider-Man


While watching the movie. Every time I seen this.

I thought of this.

They don’t look much alike but my brain just kept flashing Goombas in my head when The Lizard had a close up.  I think it is the structure of the mouth.

Hoped you enjoyed my weird tangent. Now back to your regularity scheduled life

Random post about the Regency Mall



While browsing though Wikipedia I discovered that someone has done alot of work with the history of my home town. While looking though related links found this.

Regency Mall


Comics and the Local Fleamarket


These are little short stories of deals and not so good deals at the local flea markets. Now whether something is considered to be a good deal or not is all up to the person buying the stuff. So anything that I consider a bad deal maybe something you would have snapped up in a heartbeat. Some of these stories deal with bad customer service skills on the dealer parts than with anything have to sell.

Buried Comics

This seller had alot of old antiques along with records, newspapers and misc collectibles. As I was browsing the shop I spotted what I thought was a comic book buried under a lot of golf merchandise. I picked up the misc golf stuff and found a stack of superman comics from around 97 or 98. There were alot of doubles but what interest me was the books that were triangle number 12-18 that had Superman Red and Superman Blue on the cover. AS a fan of clones, doppelgangers and time lost doubles I considered buying the group. I asked the owner what the price was and he told me $2 each. It was a little steep for my blood so I left them where they were. A side note someone did buy this books eventually because a few weeks later the whole stack was gone.


Some random saying and what they mean to me


Just a short post to get me back in the mood to start this thing up again.

Don’t Feed the Bears
This is meant to apply to animals but can apply to people also. It is good to help out your fellow man but when they become moochers, leeches or beggars  it is best to not “feed” these people or you will have the same problem as if you fed a wild or stray animal.

Check for ID
With all the hormones, chemicals and what nots in food these days that 15 year old girl could look 19 or 20. So to save yourself the grief of being locked up in the big boy jail find some way to check their age. Yes before anyone says it I know it not nice to ask a lady their age but screw it if I can go to jail for not asking it I going to ask. My roommate says check for a tattoo which is a smart idea but some people have them hidden from sight.  Truthfully I stick to my age range when dating or whatever so I don’t have to run into this problem.

Expect the Worse, Hope for the Best
Kind of a twisted way to look at the world but you will never be disappointed. Most of the time the neutral outcome is what usually happens in my case anyway.

Have a Plan B
Also C though Z will work to. I try to be prepared for any out come that can happen. Does it work out? Not really but it is fun. People say I over think things but I don’t see it that way. Though there are some days where I just wing and go with the flow.

Customer service is dead


After a trip to the local comic shop I decided to go get something to eat. I walked in the door and barely two steps in the cashier looks at me like I just took a dump on the counter. I then proceeded to turn around and walked back home.

This is just one example of some of the problems I have had with this place. Now if you go into the business before 2pm everything is cool and as it should be. When you go in there any time after that especially before closing you get death stares that would kill an elephant. The other thing the place never closes at the time posted it usually 15 or 20 minutes before hand.

At another place the guy at the counter seemed high and didn’t know how to answer simple questions about the food they were serving. One day at yet another place the two people behind the counter were two busy trying to chat up a girl than take my order. The woman they were talking to had to point out I was standing right there in front of them and they might want to do their job. They looked at me and continued to chat with her. In both these cases I walked out.

Now I know this type of job sucks hard and you have to deal with the occasional asshole sometimes. At least pretend to care for the short time the customer is there because I can’t help it you are stuck in a crappy job. With the attitude these people displayed I understand why they end up stuck in these places.