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Very Short Stories


Super short stories written by my brother (2RC) and I (DMC)

This started with me sending him a the first story in a text message and then we started trading them back in forth. In the ones where you see D/R is the ones we worked together to make a better story. Not all are gems but fun was had coming up with them. Influenced by this post.

1) She went into panic mode when she seen her reflection starting to write on the mirror. The message “Behind You” was never read as the creature devoured her. DMC

2) The man walked out to his front lawn to enjoy the morning sun. That was when he discovered that wasn’t a love bite he received two days ago. The dust that used to be his body made good fertilizer for the front lawn. DMC

3) The salesman ignored the No Solicitors sign and knocked anyway. A hole opened under his feet and he fell into a pit of bones. The last thing he seen was the hole disappearing above him and the light fading away. DMC

4) Every morning I wake up to the dog licking my feet. When I turn over this morning the dog is laying beside me but something is still licking my feet. D/R

5) I walk out my front door every day just to walk back into my living room. I’ve been trapped for years. 2RC

6) My cat loves to lick my feet in morning to wake me up. The fogginess of sleep left me when I remember my cat died three years ago. D/R

7) Finding out your wife died is hard enough without having to convince her every night. 2RC

8) I go to see my psychologist at least 3 times a week for about 3 years now. One day I show up at the building to find out its been a funeral home for the last 15 yrs. 2RC

9) The old man approached his childhood home to warn his younger self of the dangers ahead. The young boy scared by the sudden appearance of the older gentlemen ran from the area and was hit by an oncoming car. The old man faded away as the boy laid bleeding in the street. DMC

10) For every turn I take another road appears. At the end of every road is another turn. It seems I’m going in circles. 2RC



Rebuilding Duckasaurs




Time has not been good to him. Another art project we were assigned to make a humanoid figure from clay.  I went beyond the assignment and made my guy stand up. It’s the reason he has a tail. He has duckbill because it was easier to make than a lizard head. Gave him a hook hand just for the hell of it.

Had to fight for this because a person had his project explode in the kiln due to large amount of clay used right before mine was due to be fired. It destroyed other people’s work. So I had to make a large hole in between the legs which makes him appear to have a anus. The hole was to make the piece thin enough for water to escape when fired. Which the person mentioned earlier didn’t do.


Myself and I (WIP)


Here is a little story that I wrote that’s a work in progress.

Myself and I

An old man living in a senior community approaches a neighbor’s door. On Tuesdays he plays board games with his neighbor Barry. Like Barry he is alone in his old age. Most family and friends either died off or moved on. When he was younger he wanted to be a writer but fear stopped him from going this route. Now days he collects a retirement check from an old job. He knocked on Barry’s front door but got no answer. As it was unusual for Barry to miss the weekly gatherings he decided to enter the house to check on his friend. Entering the key code he received long ago he walked into the living room. He called Barry’s name several times as he walked though the house but got no answer. He was about to give up when he saw the basement door ajar. This door was usually locked and he has joked with Barry many times about hiding bodies in his basement. He walked down the stairs calling out his friend’s name. He hit the bottom and entered what appeared to be a high tech lab of some sort. He looked around the place trying to get some clue where his friend was and what he was working on. Finally on a work bench he saw a note addressed to him that said Play Me. He grabbed the small device and removed the note and pushed the play button.


A Bus Stop in Minneapolis


A friend posted a status update wanting people to say how they met him. The catch was they had to lie. The following story is the result of me expanding on my answer to the question. Which was  It was at a bus stop in Minneapolis you had a dead hooker in one arm and a bag of money in the other. The first thing you said to me was “You want to make some money?” This is for you Ben hope you enjoy.




A Bus Stop in Minneapolis


I was sitting at a bus stop on the edge of town waiting for a meet with a customer. I picked this spot because at 5am in this part of the city people were not out. As I was sitting slumped back watching for my customer I noticed a man looking around. I assumed he did not see me as the next thing he did was open the trunk and pull a young woman out of it. This is the first time I saw Ben. He started moving toward the bench where I was sitting and that is when he noticed me. Almost dropping the girl he jumped back in shock. At first I was going to tell him to go somewhere else but then I recognized the girl’s face. That when I decided to help this guy out. Plus the clock was running and I needed the guy out of here before my meet began. Before he could walk away or try something stupid I said. “Hey man looks like you got a problem on your hands. If you got some money I can help you out.” A worried face Ben replied “I got about five grand in the car if you give me a hand.” I told him “First thing is get her back in the car and bring me the money and we will discuss this further.” He came back with a brown bag in his hand. I looked in the bag and it looked to be about five grand in small bills but was planning on checking it out later. The main thing is I needed to get this guy out of here before my meet. “Small bills man what did you do knock off a liquor store after you killed her.” I said to him in a joking manner. “No man I was at this going away party my friends were throwing. The money was donations to help on the travels. The girl was a hooker working the bar where the party took place. After to many drinks and her working her charms I ended up in a motel room a couple blocks from here. Anyway when I woke later that night due to the wife calling my phone I found her dead beside me. Not wanting the cops to get involved due to me not wanting to explain to the wife the dead hooker. I decided to drop her off here.” “Sounds like you had a fun night.” I said I pulled out a pad and a pen a jotted down an address. “Here take the girl here and after I get some supplies I will meet you there.”  Ben went back to his car and drove off into the early morning air.


Night (WIP)


The one bad thing about working third shift to me is the time spent away from family. I been working my current job for little over a year now. It is a security job at a warehouse in the town of Edgewind about a hour drive from my home of Glendale.The night was like any other mostly quiet and not much going on. Only a skeleton crew is present at these hours. My coworker Thomas McDonald called Mac by his friends was sitting in the security office when I stop by to tell him I was going to lunch.

During my lunch breaks I always call my wife Ann to check on things at the homestead. Being two in the morning usually she just finishing up some cleaning or other small chores before going to bed. Well on this night she was relaying a story about my in-laws and their plans to go on a cruise. She is addressing some of her concerned about the trip when the line goes dead. I tired calling her back on the home and cell and could not get a answer. I also tried calling my in-laws but got the same results. I got up from the break room and told Mac I had to go something has happened at home and I needed to leave. He told me he had me covered and hoped everything was alright.

I got into my car and rushed out the warehouse parking lot. I had a million things going though my mind as to what have happened. I got within ten miles of my home town when I came upon about a dozen parked cars. I got out and ran to where a crowd was formed shining their flashlights into the distance.  Thinking back now I should have realized something was strange as their were no lights coming from the city of Glendale. As I reached the front of the crowd the highway suddenly ended. After borrowing a flashlight I could see that the city was replaced with a grassy field. All traces of the city was gone and in a panic I ran into the field to see what had happened to my wife.

What is this? It is a work of original fiction obviously not completed and still in a very rough form. This is a tease for a much longer story born from the germ of an idea. How would you react if you came home from work and your town or city just vanished. I have a basic skeleton of story mapped out and plan on getting those plans into the physical world and out of my head. I also plan on fleshing this part out more and I am still deciding the format and structure of the story. So the finished product might not be in first person narrative. Anyway as always any comments are welcomed and hope the people who do read this enjoy this little taste of a larger story.