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A collection of random thoughts 4


Speaker of the Dead
I know there is a book that is a direct squeal to Ender’s Game but decided to go in publication order for this series. Now what hooked me about this book is the mystery surrounding the nature of the Piggies and why they do what they do. The time jump is a fun story convention when done right and in this book it was done right. There is a mystery about Novinha’s family and I enjoyed finding out what happened in the years since she called for a Speaker. Jane is a fun character and she learns what Graff deduces in Ender’s Game which is Ender works best without a net. I am excited to see what happens in the next book.

Dark Matters  S1E1&2
Caught this show on a fluke while browsing Netflix. The premise sounds interesting but in the end not something to hold me long term. I felt like I seen this story before but different setting.The characters really don’t do it for me except for Five and that’s because there is more to her than being a generic mercenary. The mystery of who Five is and who took their memories are nice teases to continue on. Which I may do at a later date.

30 for 30: You Don’t Know Bo
I am not a sports fan but find myself from time to time checking out documentaries on the subject. I first came aware of Bo Jackson from a kids cartoon in the 90s called ProStars. It involved Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky fighting crime. The idea of a guy playing two sports fascinated me and stayed with me for years. So when I saw this documentary on Netflix I knew I had to watch it. To learn the history behind the legend was a treat and sad to see his career cut short by a freak accident.

The Final Girls (2015)
A young woman dealing with her mother’s death gets sucked into a 80s slasher flick that her deceased mother starred in. A fun movie with many throw backs. I love how the world the characters are transported to takes on the warped physics of movies. What is really amazing is the Flashback scene in how it looks and used later. At first I thought the movie was a dream designed to help her to get over the death of her mother. The ending which I enjoyed squashed those theories. There is some sort of higher power to the reality that goes out of it way to protect the story of the movie. The main example is the fact that the movie ejects the outsiders once they take an active part in the story. They throw the story out of wack in major and almost disastrous way. Evidence for this theory is when they first entered the movie and took no active part in the story the reality resets every 92 minutes.


A collection of random thoughts 3


Warning Mild Spoilers Ahead

My thought on recent things I have watched or read.

Snowpiercer (2013)

Throughout the whole movie I was wondering why are the tail section there? They did not do labor or any other thing of value. Thankfully the ending answer the questions I had. Mason mentions there is a coach class also. I am guessing they are the workers/soldiers we see as Curtis makes his way though the train. The statements made by Mason in the Aquarium about balance had me thinking about the the overall story as it pertains to the rebellions in the past. The movie to me was a middle of the road movie to me until Curtis reveals the nature of life in the tail section on first months of the train operation. Then the info dump Wilford provides in the end serve to move it up in my eyes. Now normally I might have bailed on this movie at the half way point but the mystery of what else was on the train kept me entertained enough to stay until the end which I am glad I did.

Supergirl S1E5

This is the fourth episode aired but the 5th in story order. I understand the decision to air them out of order and except for small plot points (Jimmy/Lucy and bomb reference) you don’t notice an episode was skipped. They have hinted that there was a reason behind Cat’s attitude. This episode it was put out there for all to see. I heard about Livewire and was curiosity about how they were going to introduce the character. The work around they did to fit the character into this universe fit in with the nature of this version of the world. The love triangle (or quadrangle) holds no appeal to me and just frustrating to watch. I am liking the series as a whole and hopefully keep up with it.

Ender’s Game (novel)
I enjoyed the getting inside the mind of Ender and learning why he does what he does. Seeing him start from the bottom in the games and earn his place higher up the command ladder is enjoyable. At no point do you feel he doesn’t earn his spot. The twists at the end are nice little nuggets that add to the experience and makes me want to read the other books in the series.

Ender’s Game (2013)
I watched this because I was interested in what the movie version was like after reading the book. When you remove all the internal struggle from Ender’s story he comes off as a cocky brat. To me without seeing his progression as a leader and tactician I never feel he earns his command. I understand they had to compress the novel but they took the heart out of the story. We are told Ender is a great leader instead of shown he is.  The second half is a little better but feels just as rushed. Normally I am able to separate movie and book from each other. I am not able to do that this time due to the butchered story I am presented.

A collection of random thoughts 2


Thoughts on things I have read or watched recently.

World War Z
I enjoyed the movie but the ending felt abrupt. One thing this movie did bring to the table that I have not seen in other zombies/infected movies is the seeing the effects on the whole world. Which is one of the good things it took from the book. I enjoyed the book much more. I enjoyed how the story was told. Which was though different accounts recorded by a UN worker after the major fight against the zombie horde was over.

Under the Dome
Watched Under the Dome not bad. Based on the first episode you might as well forget what you read in the book. Things like character names & personality traits stay the same but a lot things are way different. Duke, Joe & Angie seemed to be the combination of several characters. The first intro to Barbie is a WTF moment for me. Julia being married is also a curve ball. Anyway The Dome concept is what hooked me on the book so I can live with the changes if the story winds up being good.

Whodunnit? was fun to watch. Have no idea who the killer is but figured out how the first person was killed with about 80% success. I seen the Mole aspects and a little Murder in Small Town X. The format is better than Murder in Small Town X though. I will continue to watch and see how the show rolls along. One last thing how can you find a lead ball in bedded in the back of someones neck and think they drowned. No wonder this person was the next victim.

Face Off
I have been marathon this show since I heard it mentioned on several podcasts. I have made it though season 3 so far. In the beginning of the seasons you can tell who has the worse designs right away but as it gets deeper into the show it gets harder to tell who will go home each week. I love the creative aspects of the show and it makes me want to do something creative. The only negative thing I don’t like about the show is the manufactured drama that is present. I understand the point of it but it makes me want to fast forward.

Walking Dead Rise of the Governor
I enjoyed the book it has several parallels to the comic series. The thing that kept me reading was the mystery of what happens to the group as we only really know the fates of The Governor and Penny. I think this book would have been better suited with the title of the second book which is Road to Woodsbury.

Some recent movies I have watched 12


Some thoughts on some movies no spoilers

Taken (2008)
A balls to the wall action movie and a thrill to watch. The movie felt shorter during the rewatch than when I first seen it. It was a sad end for the daughter’s friend. Overall the movie ended on a sad note because not counting the main characters everyone else is still stuck in the sad fate that was shown throughout the movie.

Cadence (1990)
It was a movie that I sat backed and watched with not much thought going into it during or after it was over. There were alot of things about race relations but have seen done better in other movies. Not saying this was a bad movie just not something that grabbed me in a positive or negative way.

Cougars Inc (2011)
A story I have seen before but at least this was mildly entertaining. The twist was not something I seen coming but it not something I expect from these types of movies either. This movie had an interesting story but in the end I had ho hum feeling about the movie overall.

X-Men First Class (2011)

I enjoyed the movie and did not see the continuity problems with the other four movies that people were talking about. I admit though that it been at least five years since my last viewing of the first three movies. I will poke around the net to see what the all the noise is about. The fleshing out of the backgrounds of characters we already knew from the other movies was a nice touch. All the cameos were well done and not distracting. The action scenes were cool to watch.  I would like to see more of these prequel films.

Some recent movies I have watched 11


Super (2010)
Just a straight crazy fun movie. It is kind of like a more realistic Kick-Ass. The special effects were cheesy but fit the tone of the movie. The movie ended on a nice upbeat note. A scene toward the end that have me thinking wow it is a good thing Batman never had to deal with that. It was a fun movie that didn’t pull any punches when it came to the crazy over the top stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will give it a rewatch in the future.

I Am Number Four  (2011)
This movie has a good idea but the execution of it leaves me with questions. Some movies you can zone out on and just enjoy the ride. With this movie I tried to do that but plot holes and unanswered questions kept hitting me in the face. I believe this would have worked better as a book, tv show or comic series because in those types of media you can take time and develop or explain things. As a movie it felt compacted with a lot of things left up to the viewers to figure out. The false tension with the dog and girl felt unnecessary with how things worked out in the end. In the end I don’t care for the movie and with any luck won’t have to watch it again.

Coming to America (1988)
A classic that I remember seeing as a child along other movies from this era playing on tv constantly of corse they were heavily edited. The rich man becoming a poor man to find a wife is a classic plot. I throughly enjoyed this movie and the little things really sold this one for me. The cameo by the two characters from Trading Places was a surprise the first time I realize it.

Final Cut (2004)
There is nothing happy about this movie except for the main character finding out that a major event from his past did not happen the way he thought. The tech displayed in this movie was thought-provoking but know how it would fly in the real world. I think there would be a lot more exploited things done with the footage. Especially if the person is in the public eye. The ending was a big WTF moment for me as it was very abrupt and like a rush job.

Some recent movies I have watched 10


The Faculty (1998)
During this rewatch I realized that Zeke was cooking up and selling a substance very similar to meth. The light blub went off when they were in the garage making another batch. I liked the idea of the aliens trying to come into the back door as it was something different. The movie had a real dark tone to it and was closer to high school than a lot of movies from the decade. The scene during the football game where this song is playing was a perfect touch. I rewatch this movie every few years or so. I don’t know why I think it has to do with the age I saw it. If you want a more critical view of the movie check this blog out.

Paul (2011)
I really liked this movie as it was funny with out the use of gross out or shock humor of most comedies today. The reveals of who the alien was and his ties to history was interesting. I will add to the collection when I am able. Sorry this short but can’t say to much without spoiling it.

Battle Los Angeles (2011)
Was an enjoyable movie. Modern style war movies is a movie type I enjoy.The shaky cam potions of the film left me confused as to what was going on. The aliens had a plan which I like better than the cardboard brutes types that only thought is to kill humans. This is one of the few invasion movies where you feel how jacked up the world is going to be after the threat is fought off. In the end was a fun movie to zone out on and watch. Here is a good write up on the movie check out the site for good stuff too.

Faster (2010)
A fun revenge movie like a video game where he takes down the lackeys before encountering the big boss. I did not know what but thought something was up with the Big Bad when he/she popped up on screen but didn’t figure out what what it might be until later. Not much else to say without spoiling the plot. Just like the one above it a nice one to zone out on.

Some recent movies I have watched 9


EdTV (1999)
The crazy about this and the next movie is I swear they came out after the reality tv boom of the early 2000s. Sometimes your memory plays tricks on you. The true fun of the movie is the rise and fall of Ed as he is faced with fame. Just like most reality tv personalities 1 to 3 years later. Of not to the magnitude that Ed experiences. Overall not something I see myself rewatching in the next few years.

The Truman Show (1998)
This one is a lot different take on the man in the fishbowl than the previous movie. Of course this could never be done in the real world. the actors contracts in this world would be some crazy stuff to read. All in all liked this one better than EdTv but still don’t see myself owning this one.

Training Day (2001)
I like the movie. The life lessons sprinkled though the movie are thought provoking. Also it’s something that make me think about the nature of the world we live in.
The brawl at the end was just plain brutal and a lot more realistic than other action movies. Eva Mendes is hot. The ending of even in a corrupt world your actions still matter.
This movie is one of the select few that I can rewatch and not be bored.

Timer (2009)
A movie with an interesting concept. Knowing my luck I would probably end up with a blank timer or one that has a insanely high number. The problem is with a device like that a lot of people alive right would not have been born. I enjoyed the movie but with this genre of movie the plot doesn’t lead to rewatches for me.

Some recent movies I have watched 8


Same as past posts just my thoughts not a review.

Frankie and Alice (2010)
Not a bad movie leaves me wanting more. The movie makes me think something really negative happen to her. While the event had some negative aspects to it was not as bad as I thought at first.

Watchmen (Director’s Cut) (2009)
I read the book and seen this in theater because of how close this was to the book I was bored in spots. The rewatch was more enjoyable because of the distance between the last viewing/reading. The additional scenes helped a lot with the enjoyment of the film the second time around. Really liked the scene where Hollis Mason  fought off some thugs and was having flashbacks to his heyday.  The opening is still my favorite moment of the movie.

Electra Luxx (2010)
A fun movie to watch from beginning to end. The plot was different as I did not have a clue as to what was coming next. For a movie that has porn as a theme surprisingly nudity is not a big factor. The two sub stories are ok but  felt sub par.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)
A good movie all around. I like been able to see the thought processing of Holmes. Finding out the way the supernatural elements were explained away was interesting to see.

Some recent movies I have watched 7


Since It has been awhile I restate the purpose of this series is for me to give my thoughts on movies I have watched in the last few months. These are not reviews. I try not to spoil these films but slip ups happen.

Changeling (2008)
Like the mystery and setting of the movie. The reality of what happened to the kids is sad. This is one of those movies that shows you not everything was better in the old days.
Reading about the real life case behind this story was enlightening. In the ways of how facts are pruned to make a more streamlined story. I see other media do this many times.I guess the movie subject matter had something that hooked me in more than others.

Fido (2006)
Crazy ass zombie movie. I would not mind seeing an Ken Burns style doc on the history this world up until this point in the movie. Unlike the post apocalyptic version we see all the time this world was able to come to a stale mate.  A zombie sex slave was a little crazy though but then the whole movie had a humorous bent to it.

The Lottery (2010)
Is a movie that makes me realize that there is a lot of things that have changed since I went to school in the dark days of the 80s and 90s. The interaction between the parents/guardians and the kids were a mixed bag of pleasant and hard to watch. The movie is pro charter school but I have to wonder what the other side of the story is.

The Negotiator (1998)
A movie with a lot of twists and turns. Had some good red herrings to throw you off track to the real bad guys. The take down of the bad guys along with who they were was a nice treat.

Some thought on Scream 4


Unlike my normal movie posts this one is a lot longer to try to group it with other movies and is also spoiler filled also.

This is spoiler filled so to protect people from seeing things they don’t want to see on the front page. I used a little trickery to hide the post.

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