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Comics and the Local Fleamarket


These are little short stories of deals and not so good deals at the local flea markets. Now whether something is considered to be a good deal or not is all up to the person buying the stuff. So anything that I consider a bad deal maybe something you would have snapped up in a heartbeat. Some of these stories deal with bad customer service skills on the dealer parts than with anything have to sell.

Buried Comics

This seller had alot of old antiques along with records, newspapers and misc collectibles. As I was browsing the shop I spotted what I thought was a comic book buried under a lot of golf merchandise. I picked up the misc golf stuff and found a stack of superman comics from around 97 or 98. There were alot of doubles but what interest me was the books that were triangle number 12-18 that had Superman Red and Superman Blue on the cover. AS a fan of clones, doppelgangers and time lost doubles I considered buying the group. I asked the owner what the price was and he told me $2 each. It was a little steep for my blood so I left them where they were. A side note someone did buy this books eventually because a few weeks later the whole stack was gone.



Thoughts on various comics I read recently 2


Have not done a post in awhile but the bug to write something hit me so hear it goes. Warning mild spoilers ahead


Mega Man #10-13 (Archie)
I am enjoying this series and the little tweaks they have made to make the story interesting. The story not falling into a set formula was nice sigh of relief The cold hearted nature in which Mega Man takes down the robot masters  in issue 10 and 11 is a total wow moment for me. Seeing Mega Man take damageshows how these robot masters were much more of a serious threat. The Final battle in issue 12 where all the robot masters from Mega Man Powerup go and rescue a corrupted Mega Man is a nice twist and cool scene. Issue 13 which I assume takes place between Mega Man 2 & 3 setups some plot elements.  Like Dr Cossack and the thing Dr Wily finds in the temple.

The Guild Fawkes (Dark Horse)
A nice story of what lead Fawkes to end up at the Con in season 5. I liked the story as a whole but don’t have much to say about it.

Walking Dead #97 & 98 (Image)
The change from the wandering band to the new status quo is a good change. Have they bit off more they can chew can’t wait till the next issue to find out.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10 (IDW)
This is a very cool series for a fan like me with the incorporation of elements from the past along with some new ideas. This being Shredder first full issue in the new series was cool even though he did not do much but look and stare at Splinter whopping some random dude ass. I am looking forward to what is to come.  This series has been a slow build which has been cool because they could have overwhelmed people  in the first few issues. Shredder and Krang as leaders of two separate factions is a good twist that I can’t wait to see what is done with it in the future.

From a good Ebay deal to crap in 60 seconds


Well this story might bore some but somebody might get a kick out my bad luck. I won an auction on Ebay for X-Men 2099 #1-26 for $11 including shipping.
Feeling pretty good about scoring this good deal I paid and waited for the package to arrive. This is what it looked like when I got it.


If you look in the lower right hand corner you can see the sorry your package is “fucked up” bag the the post office put it in. That when I checked the contents all that was inside was issues 1,2 and some Rules of Engagement handbook from the military. I contacted the seller told him what happened as expected he had no clue but told me that the he did not put the handbook in the package.

I went to the post office to see what could be done to recover the missing contents and find out what the hell happened. After looking at the package they tell me that they suspect the bulkiness of the contents caused stress on  the envelop  and that the seller should have used a  box instead. The ROE handbook that was inside appeared to be from a another package and they took it just in case there was a claim on it like the one I filled out.

I filled in the seller on what might have happened and basically told him I am not going to beat him over the head for $5 but I am not leaving any feedback for him. The reason being I did not feel right leaving a positive note when I didn’t get what I paid for and it might have been his fault for improper packaging. Since I can’t prove it was his fault I was not going to leave a negative one either.

In the end they will have the word out for three months looking for the missing books but I am not going to hold my breath. Hopefully I can get the same or better deal when I go to the one day show in Atlanta next month.

Thoughts on various comics I read recently


Just a little something to tide the spam bots over until I get back to a regular schedule. Since all these are fairly recent I going to give general thoughts on these books.

Super Dinosaur #1&2 (Image)
This series feels like a throwback to the cartoons of my youth. The Free Comic Day edition of the first issue hooked me  so much that I added it to my pull list after  reading.

Boys #52-54 (Dynamite)
A flashback tale that bored the hell out of me. I wound up dropping this book as I have no patience for books that lose me like this. Especially something I am not attached to.

Megaman #1&2 (Archie)
Love the art and the story is off to a good start. Hope they change it up a little bit.  I can see where this title can get formalistic based on the way the story is handled in the second issue. Well Archie seems to be in it for the long haul as they are taking orders for a 12 issue subscription. As a fan of the character even if this falls apart I see myself hanging on to the end.

The Walking Dead #85 (Image)
A breather/setup issue after the events that happen a few months ago. I am interested to see where this new direction leads the group.

Marvel Zombies Supreme #4 (Marvel)
These mini series are hit and miss as far as I am concerned. Lucky for me these things last only 4 to 6 issues. I will see how the Christmas Carol one shapes up before I decide to drop the book or not.

Darkclaw #1 (Amalgam)
Pulled from my stack of books that I got from the Atlanta Comic Convention in Feb 2010. It was a nice blend of characters from the two universes. Really going to hunt down the trades or single issues of the other books in the line.

Some thoughts on trades/graphic novels I own 6


Not much to say on this next group these next volumes had their moments but were overall were lacking to say the least. If I can score them on the cheap I plan on getting the rest of the trades when money and time permits.

Ultimate X-Men Part 2:

Volume 8: New Mutants
Good to see some new characters added to the books. The death was shocking but having a PR mutant team something bad was bound to happen. This Dazzler is more interesting to me that her main line counterpart. Last I found her interesting was in AoA.

Volume 9: The Tempest
Sinister was something different than is counterpart in the main universe. Sad to see so many interesting character from the main universe get reduced to cannon fodder in this universe.
Seeing the rookies working together to take out the bad guy was a welcome addition.

Volume 10: Cry Wolf
The worse of this lot really did not care about the story overall only the little character beats kept me reading.

Volume 11: The Most Dangerous Game
I think it is nice they stream lined Mojo, Longshot and Arcade previous origins into a more grounded real world take. The twist with Longshot and the effects it left on the team was a interesting. That what  makes me want to get the next volume to see where things go.

Some thoughts on trades/graphic novels I own 5


Not much of a preface to this as the books speak for themselves. The theme of this one will be obvious and will be a quick and dirty post as I don’t have many books that can ride with these two. On with the show.

The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 1
I started getting the series in single issue format around #46. Before then I always got the comic though other means because of money issues at the time. I wanted to get the other issues I didn’t have in a more tactile format. After looking at the different options this massive volume was the most cost efficient for me.

I jumped on board when issue 25 hits the stands and I must say it been a while since a series has got its hooks into me like this one. I read the first 25 issues in one long caffeine fueled sitting and have not looked back since. What caused me to start buying the issues was due to the delay between the time a issue was release on the street and when it popped out on the net. Now I know with the way the net is today that sounds a little off but trust me the wait was painful.

To remain spoiler free because I know people are jumping onto this series everyday especially with the new weekly reprints. The book is like a roller coaster ride from issue 1 till the most current stuff. Runs of issues where much doesn’t seem to be going on. Joined by whole stretches of balls to the wall craziness. The whole concept of nobody is safe and anybody can die would be a good tag line for this book. In the end this book is more about the characters than the zombies themselves. Which is why I keep coming back to this book month after month. Now I just got a massive phone book to read when I get bored.

I got this book for $37.19 which is a far cry for the banged up copy the local Barnes & Noble wanted. Which was around $60 dollars. The back cover was torn but they don’t knock anything off the price for stuff like that. Which I think is crazy. For anyone interested here is a link to the instock trades page for this book

The Walking Dead Covers
I usually don’t buy books like this because they are usually fancy picture books. This one interested me because of some of the behind the scenes stuff that is in the book.

A collection of random thoughts


These are a group of comments about various things that I can’t justified making a full post about at this time.

1)  Mortal Kombat (2011) storyline is a brutal and sad  change from the original trilogy. The changes in the time-lime are drastic and shocking. The ending tease was thought provoking because of the many changes made to the time-line. The story could go anywhere. If you are not worried about spoilers check out the wiki page. Or if you really adventurous check out this 32 part you tube series.

2) I work in a small county prison and you hear the inmates argue about a lot of things. Usually the topic is about sports or a particular musical talent. This night the subject was a  bit surprising and brought a smile to my face when I heard a group of inmates arguing over which game did Mario have the tail in.

3) I have not watched wrestling on a regular bases in about nine months. Though seeing the promos for Kharma (aka Awesome Kong) makes me want to check out the show again to see her bull doze though all the T&A type divas in the women division now.  Here is the promo.

4) Read I Kill Giants the other day. It was a nice little story and sad also. It is amazing how kids will deal with tragic things.

5) Walking Dead #84 all I will say to avoid spoilers is glad Kirkman is breaking from his formula. This appear to be a exciting turn for the book and hope it continues. If you don’t know what I mean by formula take a look at this funny take on it.

6) Getting a joy out of reading Mario Lanza’s The 115 funny moments on Survivor 2.0

Some thoughts on trades/graphic novels I own 4


Got all of these except for vol 1 for $5 a piece at a one day show in Atlanta. I used to collect this series in single issue form back in the early days of the series. Sadly those issues and numerous other comics were sold off in what I call the Great Purge of 03. Anyway here we go this is going to be split into two parts. The second part will be posted on 5/16/11 .This is because I don’t want the spam bots to get burned out with these two being back to back. One thing about these books and most modern comics is these things go down like fast food. At this point in time I don’t know if that is a bad thing.

Ultimate X-Men Part 1:

Volume 1: The Tomorrow People
A great start to the series. I enjoyed the tweaks made to the mythology of the X-Men. I like the more grown-up tone to the series. The art is a wonderful sight.

Volume 2: Return To Weapon X
My favorite of the group. I just like the idea of one group coming and not killing off the X-Men but absorbing them into their  group. The Wolverine/Sabertooth fight was right up there with some of their old school brawls. Getting saved by The Brotherhood was a nice twist.

Ultimate Collection Book 2
Collects volumes 3&4 into one book which was nice deal for the price I paid. I liked the smaller character stuff more than the overall story arcs of this book. Did not care for Gambit story at all. This one is my least favorite of this group.

Volume 6: Return Of The King
The return of Magneto was a welcome change of pace from the ho hum stories in the last book. Liked the flashback sequences of the early days of Charles and Erik’s relationship. The final throw down between the team and Magneto was a nice treat.

Volume 7: Blockbuster
Spider-Man and Wolverine with a little Daredevil thrown in for good measure. Enjoyed the interactions between the two casts.

Some thoughts on trades/graphic novels I own 3


No Theme today just a group of books that don’t fit any where else.

Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression
A good time travel story. This made me want to check out other offering out there. The art was easy on the eyes and along with the story being easy to digest.

Buffy Omnibus vol 1
Like the reworking of the movie plot to fit into the tv show universe. The rest of the book sheds some light on some plot points that were briefly mentioned in the tv show. Like her past trip to a mental institution. Overall a nice read but not sure If I going to pick up any of the other volumes.

Robocop vs The Terminator
Liked this book so much that it was one of the  few survivors of the Great Purge of 03. The Robo-Terminator toward the end of the book was bad ass. Showing the fluidity of the time stream was a nice touch. The art was nice to look at also.

The American
The major story for the first half of the book was enjoyable. Though after the mystery was revealed the rest of the book bored me to tears.

Some thoughts on trades/graphic novels I own 2


Same as before now with a vanilla smell.

DC/Marvel Crossovers:

I really enjoyed this book. The way two universes differ  from each other was fascinating. The final battle was a feast for the eyes.The throwback to the old JSA/JLA team ups were a nice touch and could see things playing out like that if the history of comics were different.

DC vs Marvel
Not a bad story but it harder to enjoy this story like I used to after reading JLA/Avengers.The interactions between characters is cool to see as are the fights.Seeing supporting casts and Joe Q Public freaking out was a nice treat. The best I think came out of this was the Amaglam books. I didn’t really care for the art as it seemed to cartoony in some places.

DC/Marvel Crossover Classics 2
Some of the stories bored me and the rest were just so so. I will reread in the future to see if maybe the things going on in my life had a adverse effect on my enjoyment of the book.

Return to the Amaglam Age of Comics: The Marvel Comics Collection
I liked the smash up of the universes and the surprises that pop up when reading these books. I liked the art in the different issues and that definably affected my positive view on the book. Will try to get the other 3 trades. The DC ones look to be fairly easy to come by but the other Marvel one is to pricey for my tastes. I guessed they didn’t print that many of them compared to the DC ones.