A collection of random thoughts 4

Speaker of the Dead
I know there is a book that is a direct squeal to Ender’s Game but decided to go in publication order for this series. Now what hooked me about this book is the mystery surrounding the nature of the Piggies and why they do what they do. The time jump is a fun story convention when done right and in this book it was done right. There is a mystery about Novinha’s family and I enjoyed finding out what happened in the years since she called for a Speaker. Jane is a fun character and she learns what Graff deduces in Ender’s Game which is Ender works best without a net. I am excited to see what happens in the next book.

Dark Matters  S1E1&2
Caught this show on a fluke while browsing Netflix. The premise sounds interesting but in the end not something to hold me long term. I felt like I seen this story before but different setting.The characters really don’t do it for me except for Five and that’s because there is more to her than being a generic mercenary. The mystery of who Five is and who took their memories are nice teases to continue on. Which I may do at a later date.

30 for 30: You Don’t Know Bo
I am not a sports fan but find myself from time to time checking out documentaries on the subject. I first came aware of Bo Jackson from a kids cartoon in the 90s called ProStars. It involved Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky fighting crime. The idea of a guy playing two sports fascinated me and stayed with me for years. So when I saw this documentary on Netflix I knew I had to watch it. To learn the history behind the legend was a treat and sad to see his career cut short by a freak accident.

The Final Girls (2015)
A young woman dealing with her mother’s death gets sucked into a 80s slasher flick that her deceased mother starred in. A fun movie with many throw backs. I love how the world the characters are transported to takes on the warped physics of movies. What is really amazing is the Flashback scene in how it looks and used later. At first I thought the movie was a dream designed to help her to get over the death of her mother. The ending which I enjoyed squashed those theories. There is some sort of higher power to the reality that goes out of it way to protect the story of the movie. The main example is the fact that the movie ejects the outsiders once they take an active part in the story. They throw the story out of wack in major and almost disastrous way. Evidence for this theory is when they first entered the movie and took no active part in the story the reality resets every 92 minutes.


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