Watching TV: The 100 Season 1


Spoilers Ahead

I like the mystery behind what happening on Earth that is present in the season. The Ark stuff came a little more interesting toward the middle of the season with the politics and Abby crazy one woman mission to prove the 100 were still alive. The thing is when Earth story bored me the Ark story kept me around and vice versa. That’s the thing it would be nice if both sides of the story were good all the way though and not with what I felt as one story line lagging while the other story line shined.

Now some nagging questions or things that took me out of the story. In the pilot episode they found a weird shaped humanoid skull and after that nothing is done with it. The same with the “monkey prints” they find. Were the grounders supposed to be something else in the early stages of development and changed due to budget or other issues. Later in the season after the Exodus ship leaves the Ark the main characters are located outside the hatch to the Exodus launch bay when the Ark powers down. A few episodes later Kane wakes up by himself with no one else around. It seems all the other characters went to the control room and left Kane to lie on the floor. The time jumps are jarring and confusing. They talk about Winter coming but it’s not mentioned again.

The Ark portion of the story have less things to pull me out of the show. As I write this I can’t remember anything besides the Kane stuff I mentioned above. I want to learn more about the history of the Ark and it’s society. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to learn about the Grounders and other survivors it just that side of the story doesn’t grab me like the Ark stuff does. Which with the ending to the season the Ark story is going to turn into something else.

The relationship stuff bores me but the thing about this show especially in the first few episodes love triangles don’t last long because one member of the various triangles ends up dying. Speaking of relationships Octavia bounces from guy to guy in the opening episodes until she settles on Lincoln. This is not a knock on her but the fact it feels strange for her to be all over Jasper then jump to Atom with no reasoning behind it.I don’t if it’s bad writing or something with teenage girls I don’t understand. It really didn’t matter as Jasper didn’t care and Atom dies. The lack of relationship drama in the Ark part of the story is probably why I enjoyed it more on some level than the Earth stuff.

The Grounders are the main bad guys of the 100 but as the show gets deeper into the season everything is not as black and white as it seems. Which to me is a good thing to see. I have a hard times being invested in them as I seen or read of groups like this many times before. The Reapers seem to be a rehash of the Reavers from Firefly. The Mountain Men are survivors that live in the Mount Weather bunker that the 100 were trying to get to in the first episode. They being of a higher tech level than the Grounders explains the fear. They are bland feeling so far but I will see how the second season goes before I dismiss them.

Overall the show was entertaining and enjoyed it despite my nitpicks above. The good out weighs the bad so far so I going to give the second season a try. I just hope the Earth born humans get more interesting or at least on par with the Ark survivors or The 100.



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