A collection of random thoughts 3

Warning Mild Spoilers Ahead

My thought on recent things I have watched or read.

Snowpiercer (2013)

Throughout the whole movie I was wondering why are the tail section there? They did not do labor or any other thing of value. Thankfully the ending answer the questions I had. Mason mentions there is a coach class also. I am guessing they are the workers/soldiers we see as Curtis makes his way though the train. The statements made by Mason in the Aquarium about balance had me thinking about the the overall story as it pertains to the rebellions in the past. The movie to me was a middle of the road movie to me until Curtis reveals the nature of life in the tail section on first months of the train operation. Then the info dump Wilford provides in the end serve to move it up in my eyes. Now normally I might have bailed on this movie at the half way point but the mystery of what else was on the train kept me entertained enough to stay until the end which I am glad I did.

Supergirl S1E5

This is the fourth episode aired but the 5th in story order. I understand the decision to air them out of order and except for small plot points (Jimmy/Lucy and bomb reference) you don’t notice an episode was skipped. They have hinted that there was a reason behind Cat’s attitude. This episode it was put out there for all to see. I heard about Livewire and was curiosity about how they were going to introduce the character. The work around they did to fit the character into this universe fit in with the nature of this version of the world. The love triangle (or quadrangle) holds no appeal to me and just frustrating to watch. I am liking the series as a whole and hopefully keep up with it.

Ender’s Game (novel)
I enjoyed the getting inside the mind of Ender and learning why he does what he does. Seeing him start from the bottom in the games and earn his place higher up the command ladder is enjoyable. At no point do you feel he doesn’t earn his spot. The twists at the end are nice little nuggets that add to the experience and makes me want to read the other books in the series.

Ender’s Game (2013)
I watched this because I was interested in what the movie version was like after reading the book. When you remove all the internal struggle from Ender’s story he comes off as a cocky brat. To me without seeing his progression as a leader and tactician I never feel he earns his command. I understand they had to compress the novel but they took the heart out of the story. We are told Ender is a great leader instead of shown he is.  The second half is a little better but feels just as rushed. Normally I am able to separate movie and book from each other. I am not able to do that this time due to the butchered story I am presented.


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