A Shady Deal

I went to a used car lot to look at some cars today. As I was speaking to the sales person about the details on some of the cars I mention that I would have to sell the current car to a company to come up with the cash for the down payment if anything on the lot stuck my fancy.

The person proceeds to tell me why would you sell your car to that company for that amount. I tell you what you need to do and I listened thinking the person may of knew of something in the area I was unaware of. They then stated all you got to do is take your car down to a title pawn place get $1000 or $1500 and when they call for the first payment tell them you not going to pay and come get the car. I was dumb founded for a second and a little voice in my head said back away slowly.

I didn’t back away but did test drive a car and told my brother the story. I said to him how can I trust these people if they are going to advise me to commit fraud and along with jacking up my credit.  This and the fact they wanted to much money for junk made me leave the lot without a purchase.


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