My thoughts on the nice guy label

My thoughts on this article.

I dislike the nice guy label. I grew up in a time and place where being labeled nice guy was a bad thing. If you were a “nice guy” you were considered a push over, dupe or mark and not taken seriously by others. I understand now a days people may considered it a good thing but I still harbor bad feelings about the label. Also on this list geek and nerd. I rather be a person and not shoved into a small box by what entertainment I like/treat people.

As for those jackasses in this article. If you got to state you are a nice guy you are not a nice guy. It like the people that say “I am a grown ass man” as a reply. In both cases you should not have to state who or what you are your actions should speak for you. By screaming from the rooftops what you are you are proving you are not.

Dating sites are rough you have to have a thick skin going into it. I been using them for over a decade. The silence treatment is a given and you have to take like a man and move on. If you have not heard a peep in 24hrs after initial contact just wash your hands of it and move on. I was told once that woman like you to chase them. Maybe in the old days but not anymore. Well at least in the online arena anyway. In the end you wind up looking like these guys wasting energy on someone who doesn’t want to date you. They should spend that energy in other ways that will bring them joy not frustration.


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