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Very Short Stories


Super short stories written by my brother (2RC) and I (DMC)

This started with me sending him a the first story in a text message and then we started trading them back in forth. In the ones where you see D/R is the ones we worked together to make a better story. Not all are gems but fun was had coming up with them. Influenced by this post.

1) She went into panic mode when she seen her reflection starting to write on the mirror. The message “Behind You” was never read as the creature devoured her. DMC

2) The man walked out to his front lawn to enjoy the morning sun. That was when he discovered that wasn’t a love bite he received two days ago. The dust that used to be his body made good fertilizer for the front lawn. DMC

3) The salesman ignored the No Solicitors sign and knocked anyway. A hole opened under his feet and he fell into a pit of bones. The last thing he seen was the hole disappearing above him and the light fading away. DMC

4) Every morning I wake up to the dog licking my feet. When I turn over this morning the dog is laying beside me but something is still licking my feet. D/R

5) I walk out my front door every day just to walk back into my living room. I’ve been trapped for years. 2RC

6) My cat loves to lick my feet in morning to wake me up. The fogginess of sleep left me when I remember my cat died three years ago. D/R

7) Finding out your wife died is hard enough without having to convince her every night. 2RC

8) I go to see my psychologist at least 3 times a week for about 3 years now. One day I show up at the building to find out its been a funeral home for the last 15 yrs. 2RC

9) The old man approached his childhood home to warn his younger self of the dangers ahead. The young boy scared by the sudden appearance of the older gentlemen ran from the area and was hit by an oncoming car. The old man faded away as the boy laid bleeding in the street. DMC

10) For every turn I take another road appears. At the end of every road is another turn. It seems I’m going in circles. 2RC



My thoughts on the nice guy label


My thoughts on this article.

I dislike the nice guy label. I grew up in a time and place where being labeled nice guy was a bad thing. If you were a “nice guy” you were considered a push over, dupe or mark and not taken seriously by others. I understand now a days people may considered it a good thing but I still harbor bad feelings about the label. Also on this list geek and nerd. I rather be a person and not shoved into a small box by what entertainment I like/treat people.

As for those jackasses in this article. If you got to state you are a nice guy you are not a nice guy. It like the people that say “I am a grown ass man” as a reply. In both cases you should not have to state who or what you are your actions should speak for you. By screaming from the rooftops what you are you are proving you are not.

Dating sites are rough you have to have a thick skin going into it. I been using them for over a decade. The silence treatment is a given and you have to take like a man and move on. If you have not heard a peep in 24hrs after initial contact just wash your hands of it and move on. I was told once that woman like you to chase them. Maybe in the old days but not anymore. Well at least in the online arena anyway. In the end you wind up looking like these guys wasting energy on someone who doesn’t want to date you. They should spend that energy in other ways that will bring them joy not frustration.