Rebuilding Duckasaurs



Time has not been good to him. Another art project we were assigned to make a humanoid figure from clay.  I went beyond the assignment and made my guy stand up. It’s the reason he has a tail. He has duckbill because it was easier to make than a lizard head. Gave him a hook hand just for the hell of it.

Had to fight for this because a person had his project explode in the kiln due to large amount of clay used right before mine was due to be fired. It destroyed other people’s work. So I had to make a large hole in between the legs which makes him appear to have a anus. The hole was to make the piece thin enough for water to escape when fired. Which the person mentioned earlier didn’t do.



This pic  shows what I based the initial designs off of. Now these projects from different classes but it shows how I reuse ideas.


What I used to repair him. As you will see in a moment the green paint doesn’t match his skin color exactlly but I think it’s close enough to work. The play dough is your regular stuff you play with as a kid. As for how it will hold up long term I will just have to see.


Step #1 reattached the hook and used sticks to brace it. Also rebuilt the right hand using putty.


Step#2 reattached the tail and used putty to fill in holes.


Step #3 reattaching the head with putty and glue.


Step #4 reattaching toes to left foot. Once dry will fill in gaps with putty. Gonna let everything set and dry then on to finishing touches and paint.


Here is the finish product. Below is just a pic made in fun.




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