Smash Up Game 1

First you might want to watch this video to see how the game is played before reading the below ramblings.



Aliens/Dinosaurs (me) vs Ninjas/Wizards ( GF). Final score was 17 to 13 in my favor.

Aliens/Dinosaurs were a okay combo but they were more brute strength than any thing else. They each needed an another faction to balance them out like the Wizard faction she was playing.  No extra actions or No extra minion cards made these guys a slow paced team. The Dinosaurs abilities revolve a lot of jacking minions power levels up. Where the Aliens were more of a just messing with the other players. I will have to look over the cards but the Aliens seem to have a greater number of lower powered minions.

The Ninjas/Wizard team worked real well together she was pulling extra actions and dropping extra minions which was annoying but did not put me off to the game. Ninjas seemed to revolve around destroying minions while the Wizards were revolve around giving the the more actions, minions or drawing more cards.

I took the lead in the beginning but when her deck warmed up she caught up fast making me change my tactics and just do whatever I could to score points as fast as possible which is why I squeaked out a win.




Brought these expansions after the first game.

For future games we decided that we would play by these rules.

1) We can only pick factions that we have never played with. This is to allow us to see how each faction plays before we pick favorites.

2) Also we are not looking at the faction cards before hand. This is to allow us to be surprised and discover things together without being spoiled. Also so we aren’t bias when picking the two factions at the beginning.

3) I won’t buy anymore expansions until we each get to play though the 16 factions we have now.



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