Watching TV: Revenge Season 1 Episodes 18-22

I tried to keep this vague as to not reveal spoilers but after the second episode it was getting to be a confusing mess so I skipped the no spoiler thing.

After reading the description of the series I thought it might be worth something watching. Revenge stories are something I enjoy when done right. So here are some thoughts on the first season. I wrote these thought as I watched the episodes so some incorrect theories will pop up.

Episode 18
So that is how they were planning on keeping Jack out of the picture. Daniel is spiraling into despair. Right now the it does look good for the Graysons but I don’t think it is going to end in a cut and dry manner. I still am wondering what is going on with the artist. One hell of away to get Jack’s ass out of the fire. With the reveal of how deep the Graysons went to buried David Clark the final few episodes are going to be exciting. I wonder what Emily is planning on doing now.

Episode 19
It looks like the Grayson downfall is by their own doing Emily just nudged it along. Ashley got a raw deal but what caused Brooks to look into her past. I guessing by the ending it was Victoria and Conrad picked up the scraps. I see Daniel is joining the dark side. The show is staring to go in a different direction now. I will see how this effects my final feelings on the season in the end.

Episode 20
Flashback city. I guess before the end it is good to see the beginning. Emily was a ball of rage before she went on her quest. This show filled in a lot of blanks as far as the background of what people were doing before Emily came into town. Nice to know that was one person willing to help her before he got killed.

Episode 21
Victoria war against Conrad might do what Emily is planning on doing long ago. Considering Emily has her cross-hairs on a different target now Victoria own revenge might be a good thing. Even after all these episodes I still can care less about Declan and Charlotte story. I wonder if Emily ever going to tell Jack the truth. Ashley a sneaky snake and seems to be taking her role at the company far beyond the normal corporate stuff. The Graysons are a off kilter bunch. Daniel sold his own mother out that is a cold move. Damn Nolan not like that. Did not think the man with white hair was that stupid. Now the shit is really going to hit the fan both sides got the ammo to take out the other.

Episode 22
The end game has started and it looks to be a wild one. Charlotte is becoming her mother. I did not think that this story was going to be tied up in a neat little bow. I knew it was gonna get messy but did not know how bad. The cliff hanger has me hooked for a second season.


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