Watching TV: Revenge Season 1 Episodes 13-17

I tried to keep this vague as to not reveal spoilers but after the second episode it was getting to be a confusing mess so I skipped the no spoiler thing.

After reading the description of the series I thought it might be worth something watching. Revenge stories are something I enjoy when done right. So here are some thoughts on the first season. I wrote these thought as I watched the episodes so some incorrect theories will pop up.

Episode 13
The bomb has been dropped. Emily is one cold hearted chick and is in danger of turning into the monster she trying to destroy. Okay now things are clicking into place the lawyer wasn’t a bad man. The fall out from the bomb that was dropped is nasty. Victoria doesn’t even realize what she did. Emily was going to put the plan on pause until Victoria claimed she was raped. Amanda was good character but her story ran its course.

Episode 14
Not much to say a lot of setup for the future. The fireworks were bright. The cliffhanger ending was shocking.

Episode 15
We catch up to the fast forward. Tyler is back and murderous as ever. Exciting turn of evens things did not happen the way it seemed when I first seen these scenes in the opening episode. Emily seemed to be shocked by the whole deal and the fall out of what happens remains to be seen. Amanda exits again this time her fate is unknown. Since the flash forward has been revealed now the rest of the season is an unknown to me.

Episode 16
Very good episode. All the twist and turns this story is taking is going to lead down an enjoyable path. Why did Emily asked Nolan where Amanda was when her sensei told her the night of the party that he took care of her. With all her handwork out the window what is Emily going to do next. unless her original plan was getting Daniel framed for murder and her sensei help her get back on path.

Episode 17
Emily found a way to take down the Graysons without the involvement of Jack and Amanda. Victoria is starting to add things up should make for an interesting last few episodes. Is Victoria trying to set up the artist for the crime? I wonder what other kind of dirt Emily was able to get on the Graysons by talking to the hired gun. I think the hired thug will think twice before talking to a stranger in a bar again.


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