Watching TV: Revenge Season 1 Episodes 7-12

I tried to keep this vague as to not reveal spoilers but after the second episode it was getting to be a confusing mess so I skipped the no spoiler thing.

After reading the description of the series I thought it might be worth something watching. Revenge stories are something I enjoy when done right. So here are some thoughts on the first season. I wrote these thought as I watched the episodes so some incorrect theories will pop up.

Episode 7
I glad to see she keeps her father box hidden I was worried after previous episodes of seeing her shove it in to a desk that how she normally kept it. We get more of a peek into Emily’s past and I like the mystery surrounding her. She has a interesting mentor. Tyler being gay makes a lot of sense as does his reasoning behind everything. Frank is really good at what he does till the end. Intriguing is the relationship between Emily and Amanda.

Episode 8
Don’t know how I feel about Emily using the real Emily like she is.  Jack meeting fake Amanda should put an wild twist on things. Tyler is getting backed into a corner. I gonna say right now I think he is the one that kills Daniel in the opening flash forward at the seasons start. I have no idea why Jack is dragging Daniel’s body but it felt like a red herring.The Ashley and Tyler team up is worry some. The evil twin crack by Nolan brought a smile to my face. The ending montage of everyone watching everyone else was creepy and bode well for future episodes.

Episode 9
One good thing is that this is more realistic as in Emily’s plan are not fool proof and things happen she has no knowledge of. The setup of Conrad as the murder of Frank is more of a annoyance to him seeing as he is present at the party in the flash forward. Amanda pulling the trigger with Jack was game changing moment.Emily is full of surprises it is like when she went around the world after getting her new ID she did it more like  Batman than just a cover story.

Episode 10
Amanda is going to slip up sooner than later. Jack seemed to suspect something because of the dog. Tyler has gotten more dangerous. This divorce is going to get messy. Amanda is going to have some problems if Victoria goes after her.

Is Charlotte Emily’s sister? This something that has been nagging at the back of my mind since episode 6. The math comes up right with the ages and the time David Clark was around. It will also explain why Victoria has a tense relationship with her. As she reminds of what she did to David. Anyway just something I wanted to throw out there before I get to much farther into the season.

Episode 11
Finally the downfall of Tyler. So it was Emily’s plan to use Victoria against Amanda. Nice way to tie up the loose ends with Frank and get rid of Tyler also. There is more to the Lawyer Ryan Davis than it appears on the surface. I think Emily got her claws in him.

Episode 12
Amanda starting to come unhinged should make for an interesting story. I liked  setup for her long term goals that I been watching the last few episodes but I am glad she is back to a single target in a episode. The collection of tapes Mason has is a treasure trove of knowledge for Emily to work though. I guess Victoria wasn’t working fast enough for so Emily had to find another way to get Amanda out of the way and sticking it to Mason was the cherry on top. Hot damn my suspicions about Charlotte were correct.


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