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Watching TV: Revenge Season 1 Episodes 1-6


I tried to keep this vague as to not reveal spoilers but after the second episode it was getting to be a confusing mess so I skipped the no spoiler thing.

After reading the description of the series I thought it might be worth something watching. Revenge stories are something I enjoy when done right. So here are some thoughts on the first season. I wrote these thought as I watched the episodes so some incorrect theories will pop up.

Episode 1
The show starts off with scene that takes place five months in the future. This scene does pique my interest in terms of story and how the characters got to where they are at the party. When we find out what happens to Emily’s father I was thinking at first it was something small but the scope of crime that her father frame for had me shocked and a bit more intrigued. Lydia was a small cog in the machine but was the prefect setup of how truly evil Victoria can be. The ending was a nice way to give all the back story of who Emily was and who she used to be. Which appeared to be a bad ass chick with the way she handled Nolan and with the scene of her getting released from juvie. The side stories with Jack’s family do look to be something that can lead to some interesting stories. Anyway if the rest of the season is like this this I can find myself enjoying the show.