Myself and I (WIP)

Here is a little story that I wrote that’s a work in progress.

Myself and I

An old man living in a senior community approaches a neighbor’s door. On Tuesdays he plays board games with his neighbor Barry. Like Barry he is alone in his old age. Most family and friends either died off or moved on. When he was younger he wanted to be a writer but fear stopped him from going this route. Now days he collects a retirement check from an old job. He knocked on Barry’s front door but got no answer. As it was unusual for Barry to miss the weekly gatherings he decided to enter the house to check on his friend. Entering the key code he received long ago he walked into the living room. He called Barry’s name several times as he walked though the house but got no answer. He was about to give up when he saw the basement door ajar. This door was usually locked and he has joked with Barry many times about hiding bodies in his basement. He walked down the stairs calling out his friend’s name. He hit the bottom and entered what appeared to be a high tech lab of some sort. He looked around the place trying to get some clue where his friend was and what he was working on. Finally on a work bench he saw a note addressed to him that said Play Me. He grabbed the small device and removed the note and pushed the play button.

Barry spoke Hello Connor I see you found out what was in my basement and it’s not the bodies you were expecting. He could see Barry smile in the video after that statement. He continued to speak I been working on a time machine so I can observed the great moments of the past. In the end I thought this was not fun to keep to myself. Remember all those questions I have asked you about whether you would change your life if you could. That was a test to see what your mind set would be. The device you see on the table beside you contains a watch like object that you can use to see the past. After several instructions the video ended. Connor picked up the watch like object put it on his wrist and turned the dial. He then disappeared from the basement.


A young man leaving work at the early hours of the morning gets in his car. As he got in his car his thoughts turned to the subject of his life. He didn’t understand why at such a young age he seemed to be alone. His love life was no more than a couple of flings. He did hang with friends but with most of them getting married and having kids they did not have the time to goof around like they used to. He knows most of his problems are his own fault by not getting out more and seeing life. He is afraid of ending his life as nothing. He works dead end or thankless jobs. He wants to be a writer but never gets off his butt to do anything. These are his thoughts as he pulls into his driveway. When he enters his house it is as dark and quiet as a tomb. He turns on the lights and as he approaches the living room he hears a noise. He grabs the closest thing to him which is an old metal stool. He speaks “Whoever is there needs to come out now.”


A voice speaks “Calm down Connor I am here because I need your help.” “Who are you?” Connor asked. As he sees a figure enters the room from the back of the house. “You don’t know me but in the future you will. I am here about your future and the future of the ones close to you.” “Hey crazy man your future is not going to be too bright if you don’t get out of my house.” The man started to rattle off Connor’s vital information like his SSN, bank account and other facts. “That does not prove anything any bored kid with a computer can get that info now days.” “Alright you want me to do this the hard way. The man started with a story. When you were ten and your brother eight you were walking home from school. A boy stole your brother jacket and like a good big brother you went after him. The thief hurt you and left you crying on the side of the road. You felt bad because you couldn’t help your younger brother. If you want I can tell you of the other times you failed him.”


Connor told the man to stop. He put down the stool and sat on the couch across from the guy. “How could you have known that? My brother and I were the only ones that knew what happen that day.” “Like I said I am from the future. Before we go any further as why I am here I need you to put this on.” He hands Connor a watch like device to put on his arm. Then he began to talk. “My name is Barry I made a mistake in trusting some one with a powerful piece of equipment that looks like the device you have on. At first I thought he would not change the things he seen but in the end I was wrong.” “Why would you give something like this to anybody? Where I come from you are my friend. I thought after the many talks we had you would not change things.” “Wait a minute you gave me a time machine.”


“That is why I came for you as at this age you are less jaded and can change his mind.” “What has he done everything seems fine to me.” “Right now it does but things start going downhill for people close to you in a short amount of time. Besides you would not notice the changes anyway.” “How bad does it get?” “Let me show you.” He pulled out a small screen pressed a few buttons. A video began to play.


First he saw was his good friend Ben. He has known this man for decades. The video looked to be shot though an open curtain. He saw Ben sitting in a chair surrounded by trash and other debris. Looking closer at the trash he saw many bottles of alcohol. With the glazed over look in his eyes Ben could care less about the TV I saw in front of him. Conner realizes he was all alone as the rest of the house seemed empty. “What happened to him? I saw him last week him and Sarah were happy together.” “I can’t say too much but basically he picked the wrong woman.”


Next up they look upon a grainy video of bars and cages items that told Connor this was taken in a prison. As the camera operator moved toward a cell sitting on the bottom bunk was the face of boy he failed to protect years ago. Now a grown man Connor brother Robert was clad in the blue and white of an inmate. “How did he end up in there?” “Let’s just say he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”


Last up was a video obviously taken in a grave yard. The camera focused in on the grave stone of Anna Collins. Connor looked away in shock. “My sister is dead?” “Not yet we still have time to save her.”  “Why did I do this?” “I think that is a question you need to ask yourself.” “I seen enough let’s go and stop this problem.”


After Barry shows Connor how to work the device they arrive in a house much nicer than the one they left. Barry and Connor were standing in a large living room when a voice from above them on a second floor landing called down. “Right on time Barry why don’t you bring the boy to my upstairs office?” When they reach the office the old man said “Why you keep this game going give up it didn’t work the last couple times why do you think this time is different.” “What did you do the other times. What is going on here?” “Oh so our friend didn’t tell you that you are not the first he has brought here.” “None of that matters now you can stop him from the path of destruction.” “How is this boy going to do that if I remember at that age I shied from conflict like the plague? You know you can’t change what I done the future am set.” Connor speaks up “Why did you do this?” “Well alright then sit back this will take awhile.”


“At first I was following Barry instructions and just observing. Then I came back to observe my own life with the purpose of figuring out why I was alone. At first it was just like watching a movie with me as the star. Then I began to notice this red headed woman popping up at various points in my life. Now I didn’t know her but felt a strong connection to her. She would always pop up before or after I left a place. Most would throw it away as condense but the sense of connection was too strong. So I decided to break Barry rules. I stalled my younger self at first to get him in the same place as her. Something always came up to stop a full meeting. To refresh my memory I investigated what stop me from. I discovered that your so called friends and family always pulled you in a directions. So I upped my tactics and got rid of the distractions. After the distractions were gone I discovered that Wendy and I were meant to be together. We lived a long and happy life together.”


Connor was shocked by what he heard. You destroyed that many lives for a girl. Those people you cared for left you alone. They had families of their own when did I become so egotistic to think I needed to be the center of attention. A red haired woman stepped into the office and began to at the older Connor. You selfess bastard you ruined those peoples lives so you could bed me. You don’t understand I did it for us. I understand why you did it but can’t live with myself knowing our happiness is built on the back of so many broken lives. If you are still the man I fell in love with you will give those people their lives back and let me go. I love you babe and don’t want to live without you. Well I guess I really didn’t know you and in a tear soaked haze she left the office and started down the stairs. Old Connor followed after her and tried to stop her. As they both struggled he lost his grip on her and down the stairs she went. When she hit bottom if was evident she was dead.


Young Connor and Barry were minutes behind the couple and seen the accident unfold. Old Connor with shock and tears in his eyes turn toward Barry and says this is all your fault you could not leave me well enough alone. You killed her he screamed while moving toward Barry. Barry gets knocked to the ground Old Conner has his hands at Barry’s throat. Young Connor tries to pull the old man off Barry but gets knocked back by the older man. The older man starts to rant and rave as he punches at Barry’s body and head. Barry tries to block the hits and notices the old mans face getting red and becoming covered in sweat. The old man stops and begins to cutch his chest then fall over. Young Connor checks the old man and tells a recovering Barry that the man is dead.


How is he going to change everything back if he is dead? The whole of this trip was not to stop him but to keep you from becoming him. What about people who lives he destroyed. With your help their lives will get on the right track. In most cases you were not there and that is what set them down the path to those nightmare futures. You may end up alone but you need not have the sorry life that caused him to change things. Live life to the fullest stop being afraid to fail as that is the only way you will get better. You are your on worse enemy. I will try as I don’t want to become him. Will I remember any of this when I return. They will be there but fuzzy and may pop up in dreams or as deja vu. At that last statement returned home to his empty house. He looked around and walked to his desk and began to write.


An old man entered his friend’s house. After searching the house for his friend he ended up in the basement where his friend left a note about a time machine. Connor looked at the device and put it back down. He left a note that said thanks Barry but not this time. Connor walked back to his house where he sat at his desk and said since game day is canceled I guess I will get back to work on this book before my publisher kills me for missing another deadline. Above the desk sits a shelf with a number of novels all with the name Connor Collins printed on them.


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