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Myself and I (WIP)


Here is a little story that I wrote that’s a work in progress.

Myself and I

An old man living in a senior community approaches a neighbor’s door. On Tuesdays he plays board games with his neighbor Barry. Like Barry he is alone in his old age. Most family and friends either died off or moved on. When he was younger he wanted to be a writer but fear stopped him from going this route. Now days he collects a retirement check from an old job. He knocked on Barry’s front door but got no answer. As it was unusual for Barry to miss the weekly gatherings he decided to enter the house to check on his friend. Entering the key code he received long ago he walked into the living room. He called Barry’s name several times as he walked though the house but got no answer. He was about to give up when he saw the basement door ajar. This door was usually locked and he has joked with Barry many times about hiding bodies in his basement. He walked down the stairs calling out his friend’s name. He hit the bottom and entered what appeared to be a high tech lab of some sort. He looked around the place trying to get some clue where his friend was and what he was working on. Finally on a work bench he saw a note addressed to him that said Play Me. He grabbed the small device and removed the note and pushed the play button.