A Bus Stop in Minneapolis

A friend posted a status update wanting people to say how they met him. The catch was they had to lie. The following story is the result of me expanding on my answer to the question. Which was  It was at a bus stop in Minneapolis you had a dead hooker in one arm and a bag of money in the other. The first thing you said to me was “You want to make some money?” This is for you Ben hope you enjoy.




A Bus Stop in Minneapolis


I was sitting at a bus stop on the edge of town waiting for a meet with a customer. I picked this spot because at 5am in this part of the city people were not out. As I was sitting slumped back watching for my customer I noticed a man looking around. I assumed he did not see me as the next thing he did was open the trunk and pull a young woman out of it. This is the first time I saw Ben. He started moving toward the bench where I was sitting and that is when he noticed me. Almost dropping the girl he jumped back in shock. At first I was going to tell him to go somewhere else but then I recognized the girl’s face. That when I decided to help this guy out. Plus the clock was running and I needed the guy out of here before my meet began. Before he could walk away or try something stupid I said. “Hey man looks like you got a problem on your hands. If you got some money I can help you out.” A worried face Ben replied “I got about five grand in the car if you give me a hand.” I told him “First thing is get her back in the car and bring me the money and we will discuss this further.” He came back with a brown bag in his hand. I looked in the bag and it looked to be about five grand in small bills but was planning on checking it out later. The main thing is I needed to get this guy out of here before my meet. “Small bills man what did you do knock off a liquor store after you killed her.” I said to him in a joking manner. “No man I was at this going away party my friends were throwing. The money was donations to help on the travels. The girl was a hooker working the bar where the party took place. After to many drinks and her working her charms I ended up in a motel room a couple blocks from here. Anyway when I woke later that night due to the wife calling my phone I found her dead beside me. Not wanting the cops to get involved due to me not wanting to explain to the wife the dead hooker. I decided to drop her off here.” “Sounds like you had a fun night.” I said I pulled out a pad and a pen a jotted down an address. “Here take the girl here and after I get some supplies I will meet you there.”  Ben went back to his car and drove off into the early morning air.

What I didn’t tell Ben was I knew the girl and that I  stuck in the room last night. While he slept off his drunken night I injected the girl with a fast acting poison. Now I had nothing against the girl as it was the first time I had met her. I was just doing a job. A local pimp wanted her out of the way because she was giving his girls ideas about being  independent contractors too. He wanted quiet too but wanted to scare his girls. The reason I help Ben that morning was that I needed him out of the way for my meet with the pimp. The second reason was I felt bad for the poor guy getting caught up in the mess. The five grand was nice too. After getting my money from the pimp I went and helped Ben get rid of the body. I waited until Ben got out of town to call in a tip about the body so that it would be splashed across the local news. Even though the murder remains unsolved it got the message across to the other working girls about bettering their position.


I thought I would never see Ben but a few years later I had to escape down south because of a job going sour. What can I say I like them curvy. Anyway when I got down to Georgia I got a new name and a new life. Since I could not flash I had cash or I would have attracted unwanted attention. I started working at a grocery store. That is when Ben and I met up again. This is when I finally learned his name. Now we have not talked about the bus stop but the event has bonded us into becoming good friends. Well at least until he reads this.


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