A collection of random thoughts 2

Thoughts on things I have read or watched recently.

World War Z
I enjoyed the movie but the ending felt abrupt. One thing this movie did bring to the table that I have not seen in other zombies/infected movies is the seeing the effects on the whole world. Which is one of the good things it took from the book. I enjoyed the book much more. I enjoyed how the story was told. Which was though different accounts recorded by a UN worker after the major fight against the zombie horde was over.

Under the Dome
Watched Under the Dome not bad. Based on the first episode you might as well forget what you read in the book. Things like character names & personality traits stay the same but a lot things are way different. Duke, Joe & Angie seemed to be the combination of several characters. The first intro to Barbie is a WTF moment for me. Julia being married is also a curve ball. Anyway The Dome concept is what hooked me on the book so I can live with the changes if the story winds up being good.

Whodunnit? was fun to watch. Have no idea who the killer is but figured out how the first person was killed with about 80% success. I seen the Mole aspects and a little Murder in Small Town X. The format is better than Murder in Small Town X though. I will continue to watch and see how the show rolls along. One last thing how can you find a lead ball in bedded in the back of someones neck and think they drowned. No wonder this person was the next victim.

Face Off
I have been marathon this show since I heard it mentioned on several podcasts. I have made it though season 3 so far. In the beginning of the seasons you can tell who has the worse designs right away but as it gets deeper into the show it gets harder to tell who will go home each week. I love the creative aspects of the show and it makes me want to do something creative. The only negative thing I don’t like about the show is the manufactured drama that is present. I understand the point of it but it makes me want to fast forward.

Walking Dead Rise of the Governor
I enjoyed the book it has several parallels to the comic series. The thing that kept me reading was the mystery of what happens to the group as we only really know the fates of The Governor and Penny. I think this book would have been better suited with the title of the second book which is Road to Woodsbury.


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