My Card Game Collection


Monopoly Deal, Monopoly Millionaire Deal
These two are basically the same game the difference is the goals to winning are different. My friends and I have had alot of fun playing Monopoly Deal. With Millionaire Deal only played two games so far and it has the same fast paced game play as the original. I see it getting a lot of play time as well.

Monopoly the Card Game
A more complex game than the two above. It takes longer to play and has more of the feel of more old school card games than the other two.

Reminds me alot of spades and can be just as cut throat as that game is. Alot of play with this one when I first got it but as my normal bi-weekly gaming session dried up it has not gotten any play. I have not had a large group to play it has been basically two player sessions. This game with the rules in the box does not work in a two player setting.

Uno and Phase 10
These games have been around awhile. Most people have played them one time or another so there is not anything new I can add. One thing is the version of Phase 10 I have contains two less Skip cards.

Yahtzee Hands Down, Rummikub and Hit the Deck
These games only played once or twice due to not a lot of gaming time. The more flashier games get played first. Hit the Deck much like Rage mentioned above does not fit into a two player game session even if the box says different. Out of these three Only Yahtzee is something I look forward to playing again. The other two are not bad it just compared to the rest they are the weakest when it comes to gameplay.

Tetris and Battleship
These two when I saw on the shelf it curiosity as to how they took these two properties and made card games out of them. They are both fun fast paced games and good for killing time.

Trival Pursuit Steal
When playing with friends we discovered we were getting old as we were stumped on alot of questions about the current state of pop culture. The good thing is this game can be adapted to any of the other Trival Pursuit cards.

Zombie Fluxx
Fun game that i have played many times and looking forward to getting the Wizard of OZ version soon.

Labyrinth and Back to the Future
Have not had a chance to play these yet as they are newer additions to the collection. Hoping to be able to play these soon.
I brought them because they had interesting aspects when looking at the boxes.

I also have some decks of standard playing cards. Also not pictured is Scrabble Slam which is a game a don’t like. It is due to the gameplay mechanics. A game I will get rid of the first chance I get.


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