Survivor Guatemala Rewatch Part 3

In case you missed it here is Part 1 and Part 2

Early Merge episodes 8-11

I guess I was wrong about the ex Yaxha guys and what their plans were after the merge. I guess there was more plans being made than I seen but it also could be that they had no choice but to stick together. The hidden immunity idol makes it debut. This version is extremely weak compared to version 2 and 3. This version is a dud as far as I am concern and doesn’t have the bite of its cousins. It is to easy to counter because all the alliance has to do is set up a list of back up votes if it is played.

The bash session by the ex Nakum really didn’t bother me much and had seen worse things happen in later years. It was just a scene for the editors to get us to root for the underdogs that were the ex Yaxha. Also to the vilification of Stephenie, Judd and Jamie so that we enjoy their downfall alot more.

Bobby Jon’s personal goal of just making the jury is ether brilliant or foolish depending on what side you look at it from. When a player declares a personal goal like this it can be positive and negative. On the positive side it can give their opponents a false sense of security. That they would look at them as a non threat because of fact if all he wants to do is make the jury then he not going to do anything to screw up his chances to do that. They can control that in theory.  On the negative side  his allies might be wary of dealing with him in the fact that he might go against the group just to ensure he meets his personal goal. Anyway that all a moot point in this season but it made me think about what could have happen.

The statement by Bobby Jon that those six will not be the final six is only something that sticks out to you in a rewatch. Watching this first run it just seem like a throw away line Bobby Jon because he was frustrated.

The twist on the merge feast was interesting and caused alot more drama later on than it would have if it was a traditional merge gathering. It caused some good TV which is always a good thing. The seeds of Jamie’s downfall start in the eighth episode. I also see Bobby Jon being over sensitive to Jamie’s actions. To the point of Jamie talking about how blue the sky is and Bobby Jon talking about knocking him out in the next moment. Don’t get me wrong Jamie as shown on the show is an ass.

Maybe they just didn’t show it but from what I seen everybody but Brandon was working to try to save him. He even says that he accepted the fact he was going home.  The drama that came up in the episode wasn’t not only to throw viewers off the predictable Brandon boot but to also set up things coming down the road.

Stephenie looked like she got punched in the face. I guessing it was some kind of bug bite but it is jarring when you see her in episode nine.

Using a ranking system to determine who gets what reward was better than a standard the winner picking two people to go with them situation.

Paranoia another nail in Jamie’s coffin. Him misunderstanding what Gary said was just funny and a little sad. He did try to repair the damage he cause from the last episode but still picks fights about random things just not as aggressive.

Bobby Jon got his wish and made the jury. Not much else to say about that standard by the numbers boot. Before he left he did make another prophetic statement when he told Judd and Jamie that Stephenie was going to screw them. Gary was a strong possibly to be gone at this time but the hidden idol saved him.

In episode ten reward challenge Rafe looked like Two Face with the mud plastered to the side of his face. Jamie’s loony actions continue as he wanted Cindy and Lydia to complete the even though the other won. Jamie talked himself out of the game. It might have been a good move for group sanity but a poor move for Stephenie as far as how the jury sees her in the end.

Stephenie negative edit gets stronger in episode eleven. Judd becomes more aware of what going on in this episode also. The Jamie boot gave him a wake up call. The strange thing about this episode is that Lydia position drops dragstily from what I thought was a solid trio with Rafe and Stephenie. Pre merge I didn’t even think Cindy was a strong member of the group. I think time and Jamie leaving caused her to jump up a few positions. It appears the editors have hidden alot of information from the viewers as what the exact rank structure of the Nakum six was.

I give Gary one thing he went out swinging and did not give up like Brandon did. Exposing Judd in the end as a liar was something that didn’t help him stay but hurt Judd’s game in the long run.

On to the final six and the last part of this project. This was supposed to be a two part thing but with each part pulling in about 2000 words I thought it was best to break this down into more bite sized chunks. As I didn’t want anyones eyes to glaze over reading this thing.

Part 4


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