Survivor Guatemala Rewatch Part 2

In cased you missed it here is Part 1

Post Switch Episodes 4-7

I like how they did the tribe switch up in this season. Where it came out of no where for the players and I am guessing the people at home. They could have tipped their hand in the previews though I don’t know.

Unlike the first three episodes I am seeing more solid alliances forming in the two camps. Everything seemed more vague before with some pairs floating about. This could be because except for the pairs none of the pre switch alliances lasted so the editors probably did not waste time on showing them.

Judd turning his back on his tribe is not surprising as he did not seem to have a connection with his previous tribe mates. Maybe Brandon but he got swapped to the other tribe. Brooke came into to the game as a mystery to me and left the game the same way. I thought it was funny that even Stephenie couldn’t remember the girl’s name.

Lydia pancake dance  had me laughing. Blake exit should have been a good thing for Gary, Amy and Brian but in the end it just becomes a standard early boot.

The Bobby Jon and Jamie rivalry was a fun sub story. Margaret exit was expected after seeing her isolate herself from the group. Baiting Judd at tribal was a nice move but blew up in her face.

Brian exit is not how I remember it I thought he got booted out for scheming to hard. In reality it was because he was considered weak in challenges. After the Blake boot I thought these three were closer together but boy was I wrong.
I forgot about the zip line reward and it made me think of the same reward from Nicaragua. I noticed the sores popping up on people bodies in early episodes but in the seventh episode they start to look real nasty. Is this the first time one tribe visits another without being prompted by production. Amy was put in a bad spot after the swap but didn’t help herself any when she voted out Brian instead of at least forcing a tie.

After the fifth episode and getting a good look at how the new tribes handled their first boots. I thought to myself The new Yaxha are just lame ducks waiting for the end. Yeah I know with hindsight it is easy to said things like this. I think a first time viewer with some knowledge of how the game works would say the same thing. Look at how New Yaxha voted out Blake because he annoyed them and Brian because he was weak. It was not until the Amy boot that you got a sense that they were using some kind of strategy. I think the strategy for most of these guys was just to make to the merge and hope their old alliances were still waiting for them. I don’t think any of them thought of a back up plan if the New Nakum became solid. It also could have been that the tribes were following Stephenie’s and Bobby Jon’s lead as veterans.

When you look at New Nakum is was all strategy with both of their pre-merge boots. Unlike New Yaxha they formed a five man alliance that kept strong though episodes 4-7. I have no doubt that Cindy would have gone if Nakum lost that last pre-merge challenge.

Anyway this is not a perfect world and I know it was not a straight pagonging of New Yaxha after the merge. Danni was able to work her way to the top. In the next part I will give my thoughts on how she did this and what happen to the rest of the people along the way.

I wrote all of this before rewatching the last episodes so I could look like a fool with all that I wrote about the tribes different strategies. We will see.

Part 3


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