Survivor Guatemala Rewatch Part 1

This one is going to be longer than the Amazon post as I am typing  my thoughts out as I go rather than waiting till the end. So I going to break this into multiple parts.

The visuals for this season are amazing and that is why I picked this to be my second rewatch season. The thing is I remember very little about season. The things I remember most are the brutal 11 mile trek and the last 4 or 5 episodes. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. I will see now on to the main event.

Pre Switch Episodes 1-3

Consider the returning player thing has been used a few times in recent years I have no feeling on Bobby Jon and Stephenie returning. I didn’t have no problem at the time either. One funny thing was when Stephenie joined Yaxha Brian said “With her we are never going to lose” I thought “Damn dude did you even watch Palau”.

The march to camp was the roughest thing I think I seen as an opening to a season. When Gary screwed up reading the compass I was like damn dude you didn’t have to tell anyone just correct yourself. The first immunity challenge was a rough and dangerous challenge. As seen by Jim screwing his arm up.

Before the first tribal A group of people were standing by the boat talking about who to vote out. When this chick pops up and starts talking about who is working or sick. I do a double take and go Who the F is that and where did she come from. Looking at the intro again I figured out it was Brooke. I don’t what happened but she was the only person that I had this problem with. I guessing this is the start of the invisible edits that become more frequent down the road.

At tribal it was refreshing to see that Judd that I remember was there from the beginning. I think Jim would have been the first boot even if he was not injured. Considering that we did not get to see alot of strategy talk I could have been surprised.

Gary and his denying his past becomes more pointless in the second episode. With Danni blowing his cover it would have been better for him to come out and tell the truth instead of the useless lies. The tribe needed strength and voting out Gary would have been just as disastrous as voting out Stephenie. Which the tribe agreed was stupid. Paranoia got the better of him and I think is one of the reasons he failed later on.

I was watching to see when the editors started to show Stephenie more ruthless side. It seems to start in the third episode when she starts describing the female members of her tribe after they lose the challenge.

I don’t have much to say about the Morgan and Brianna boots as they were booted for being lazy, weak or not fitting in. In both cases Lydia could have gone but due to her being able to articulate her self when questioned and having someone like Brian backing her she was able to avoid the boot.

Except for the boots i think I got to know the players pretty well during these episodes. Brandon and Amy are interesting characters I forgot about. Doesn’t seem to be alot strategy talk during this part of the season lot more of  a group mind type thing.   I give my theories on this fact in the next part.

Part 2


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