Random post about the Regency Mall


While browsing though Wikipedia I discovered that someone has done alot of work with the history of my home town. While looking though related links found this.

Regency Mall

I remember going to this place in my younger days. I think it was because the Regency Mall was closer than the Augusta Mall. I Remember in the late 90s while in high school you were considered uncool if you shopped at this mall. Last time I remember going to this mall was in 99 or 00 and the second floor was dead and the first floor had a lots of shops selling things you would find at the flea market nowadays. Thinking about the theater they mention the one in the mall I remember only showing $1 movies but there was a large theater in its own building behind the mall.

Even though this place was all but dead it still was the main bus stop for the area until the middle of the last decade. That when someone smarted up and said maybe it not good to drop little old ladies and children off in a reported crime area.  They moved the main stop across the highway to a K-Mart still same area but not hidden behind overgrown trees and things.

At least once a year you will hear talk about what will happen to the property. Last I heard the building would have to be tore down because of problems with it and the only thing really worth buying is the property the building stands on. I think it would be nice if they got rid of the concrete and aspluat and turned it into a massive park.

Late last year or early this year they put up massive concrete barriers on all the entrances to stop pass though traffic. People were using the mall as a pass though to avoid the long ass lights at the intersection of Deans Bridge and Gordan Hwy. Also rumors of drug deals and other illegal activities are said to happen in the area. Yeah it doesn’t stop foot traffic though.  One funny thing is that was reported in the paper was because of the size of the property The owners have to provide local law enforcement a way to get onto the property. Well they set up these gates but forgot to give the Police the right keys. Being an out of state business they were not easy to get in contact with.

The reason I use the words reported and rumored to describe the crime in the area is because the local media likes to hype up the levels of crime in certain areas of the county. Is there crime in the area around the mall? Yes. Is the level of rape, murder and robberies as high as the media says? No. If it was I would not be able to walk out my door. The main thing is being smart about where you are at and what you do.

Oh yeah this was supposed to be a Facebook status update but it became a long drawn out thing so I posted it here. Hoped you enjoyed my random discussion of a dead mall.

Here is the link  I posted a year or so ago about this same mall on DeadMalls.com

Regency Mall


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