Computer Update

This is an update to the What I got for $8 at the Flea Market post.

After looking at the system closer I was able to determine what happen to cause all the mud and other debris that was all over the case. It appears the system was sitting upside down in the rain as there was a water line across the power supply and CD drive.

That lead me to make the decision to scrap the clean up of the case and just use my old case along with the optical drives and power supply. I thought I was going to be able to use the 40 gig hard drive from the $8 computer but once I got it hooked up 60% of the time it booted with disc read errors. So I chucked it. A driver disc I got from a friend was very helpful as I didn’t have to hunt anything down.

This motherboard is only a slight improvement on my older one. The main reason for the switch out was back in 2004 I burnt out one the RAM slots on the mother board. So I was only able to go up to a GB of RAM. I just gonna use this system until things stable out in my life. I don’t know if I will build another system or just buy one pre built.

Anyway that is all for now will post something more meaty in the


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