Survivor Amazon Rewatch

These are thoughts I had watching the season again after many years.

Pre Merge

In the beginning Jenna was more of a mystery than the rest of the cast.
Christy gave off a woe as me vibe that didn’t appeal to me. Luckily she seem to adjust better after the merge into a person more enjoyable to watch.Rob seems awkward during the early parts of the game the tribe mix up help him alot.

Due to the strong women avoiding the leadership position lead to a sad state of affairs when it came to camp life. Somebody can correct me if I am wrong i think this is the first and last time a tribe took a week or more to build a shelter. The granola bar situation was a weird moment to see play out I remember at the time a conspiracy theory stating that a member of production dropped the bar in the box. This being the early days of reality TV conspiracy theories seem to pop up all the time. Even with the  players  talking more now a days I don’t think the full granola bar story   has came out.

Even though I remember the boot order the details behind some of the boots were forgotten. I blanked out the whole Joanna boot episode challenges and all for some reason.

The men acting like horny schoolboys had me wondering how silly these guys must feel watching this later. The production seemed to be trying to get something going between Dave and Jenna. Luckily they stopped trying these tactics in the current versions.

Watching this season again after years of evolution in gameplay is a weird experience. I saw things that made me think this would rarely happen on a modern survivor. Like after the tribe mix up when Jeanne was voted out. The reasoning behind her exit was a real big WTF moment to me. If this situation happen today Heidi would have been the target because of the fact she had
close ties to the old Jabaru. Jeanne would have been kept around because she was on the outs with her old tribe.

I know it is pointless to go though all the wacky moves made in the sixth season of the show. The reasoning that With Heidi and her contacts on the old tribe could give the guys more options when the merge comes was a valid strategy also.

Which when rewatching some of the early boots with their strange reasonings made for an unexpected joy.

Post Merge

After the merge the show turned into all business and the weird reasoning behind the boots seem to fall to the way side. Of corse they still shows things on TV that would be only found in insider clips nowadays like Matt and Butch conversations on the boat.

Rodger and crew voting for Christy after the merge just because she was the next to go on New Tambaqui was just bizarre with stronger women around. Which with moves like that shows why Rodger was the first to go post merge.  Along with the fact he was a jackass.

Alex boot episode was when the game kicked into high gear I think. If Alex did not tip-off Rob about his endgame plans at final 7 I think the game would have had a hum drum ending. This lead to the class on alliance jumping by Rob that made the last episodes a joy to watch.

Jenna winning was not a bad thing as developing good relationships with the rest of the cast is a main part of the game. I believe her being in the back ground pre merge in the game and being portrayed as a spoiled brat post merge left a bad taste in people’s mouth when she did win.

Final Thoughts

Things like getting to know the cast as people not pawns was one of the good things in this era of Survivor. Also showing things that are non game play related like build shelter, looking for food or just people chatting
about random stuff is a missed aspect of the show. I think it a shame Denna has not come back to the show.


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