What I got for $8 at the fleamarket


What you see above is a mud cover Compaq computer. I took a big chance on the system with the shape it was in. I talked the man down from a $10 price tag. I wanted to see if at least can salvage something off of it to beef up my aging system. In the pic it is hard to make out but there is mud, cobwebs and leaves all over the inside and outside of the thing. It would be easier to buy a new system than deal with this mess but being cash strapped as I am I thought this was a chance worth taking.

Being a risk taker I hook the system up before cleaning the mud and other debris out of it. Results were pretty good as the motherboard, memory, on board video and hard drive worked fine. The floppy, cd and dvd drives either had some error cod pop up or trays would not open. None of that was a problem as I can use the parts from my old system if need be.

Now there is alot I could not test like the on board audio and Ethernet. This was due to the fact that the system would not boot into windows all the way.

My plan is to clean the system and hook it up again. This is to give the parts the best chance to work before I gut the whole deal and Frankenstein something together with it and my old system.


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