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Survivor Guatemala Rewatch Part 1


This one is going to be longer than the Amazon post as I am typing  my thoughts out as I go rather than waiting till the end. So I going to break this into multiple parts.

The visuals for this season are amazing and that is why I picked this to be my second rewatch season. The thing is I remember very little about season. The things I remember most are the brutal 11 mile trek and the last 4 or 5 episodes. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. I will see now on to the main event.

Pre Switch Episodes 1-3

Consider the returning player thing has been used a few times in recent years I have no feeling on Bobby Jon and Stephenie returning. I didn’t have no problem at the time either. One funny thing was when Stephenie joined Yaxha Brian said “With her we are never going to lose” I thought “Damn dude did you even watch Palau”.



Random post about the Regency Mall



While browsing though Wikipedia I discovered that someone has done alot of work with the history of my home town. While looking though related links found this.

Regency Mall


Computer Update


This is an update to the What I got for $8 at the Flea Market post.

After looking at the system closer I was able to determine what happen to cause all the mud and other debris that was all over the case. It appears the system was sitting upside down in the rain as there was a water line across the power supply and CD drive.

That lead me to make the decision to scrap the clean up of the case and just use my old case along with the optical drives and power supply. I thought I was going to be able to use the 40 gig hard drive from the $8 computer but once I got it hooked up 60% of the time it booted with disc read errors. So I chucked it. A driver disc I got from a friend was very helpful as I didn’t have to hunt anything down.

This motherboard is only a slight improvement on my older one. The main reason for the switch out was back in 2004 I burnt out one the RAM slots on the mother board. So I was only able to go up to a GB of RAM. I just gonna use this system until things stable out in my life. I don’t know if I will build another system or just buy one pre built.

Anyway that is all for now will post something more meaty in the

Survivor Amazon Rewatch


These are thoughts I had watching the season again after many years.

Pre Merge

In the beginning Jenna was more of a mystery than the rest of the cast.
Christy gave off a woe as me vibe that didn’t appeal to me. Luckily she seem to adjust better after the merge into a person more enjoyable to watch.Rob seems awkward during the early parts of the game the tribe mix up help him alot.


Comics and the Local Fleamarket


These are little short stories of deals and not so good deals at the local flea markets. Now whether something is considered to be a good deal or not is all up to the person buying the stuff. So anything that I consider a bad deal maybe something you would have snapped up in a heartbeat. Some of these stories deal with bad customer service skills on the dealer parts than with anything have to sell.

Buried Comics

This seller had alot of old antiques along with records, newspapers and misc collectibles. As I was browsing the shop I spotted what I thought was a comic book buried under a lot of golf merchandise. I picked up the misc golf stuff and found a stack of superman comics from around 97 or 98. There were alot of doubles but what interest me was the books that were triangle number 12-18 that had Superman Red and Superman Blue on the cover. AS a fan of clones, doppelgangers and time lost doubles I considered buying the group. I asked the owner what the price was and he told me $2 each. It was a little steep for my blood so I left them where they were. A side note someone did buy this books eventually because a few weeks later the whole stack was gone.


What I got for $8 at the fleamarket



What you see above is a mud cover Compaq computer. I took a big chance on the system with the shape it was in. I talked the man down from a $10 price tag. I wanted to see if at least can salvage something off of it to beef up my aging system. In the pic it is hard to make out but there is mud, cobwebs and leaves all over the inside and outside of the thing. It would be easier to buy a new system than deal with this mess but being cash strapped as I am I thought this was a chance worth taking.

Being a risk taker I hook the system up before cleaning the mud and other debris out of it. Results were pretty good as the motherboard, memory, on board video and hard drive worked fine. The floppy, cd and dvd drives either had some error cod pop up or trays would not open. None of that was a problem as I can use the parts from my old system if need be.

Now there is alot I could not test like the on board audio and Ethernet. This was due to the fact that the system would not boot into windows all the way.

My plan is to clean the system and hook it up again. This is to give the parts the best chance to work before I gut the whole deal and Frankenstein something together with it and my old system.