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Some random saying and what they mean to me


Just a short post to get me back in the mood to start this thing up again.

Don’t Feed the Bears
This is meant to apply to animals but can apply to people also. It is good to help out your fellow man but when they become moochers, leeches or beggars  it is best to not “feed” these people or you will have the same problem as if you fed a wild or stray animal.

Check for ID
With all the hormones, chemicals and what nots in food these days that 15 year old girl could look 19 or 20. So to save yourself the grief of being locked up in the big boy jail find some way to check their age. Yes before anyone says it I know it not nice to ask a lady their age but screw it if I can go to jail for not asking it I going to ask. My roommate says check for a tattoo which is a smart idea but some people have them hidden from sight.  Truthfully I stick to my age range when dating or whatever so I don’t have to run into this problem.

Expect the Worse, Hope for the Best
Kind of a twisted way to look at the world but you will never be disappointed. Most of the time the neutral outcome is what usually happens in my case anyway.

Have a Plan B
Also C though Z will work to. I try to be prepared for any out come that can happen. Does it work out? Not really but it is fun. People say I over think things but I don’t see it that way. Though there are some days where I just wing and go with the flow.


Where is the content at?


July and August have been some rough months on the personal front me which I am not going to get into here. I have a backlog of stuff in my handy spiral notebook that I need to type up when I get off my lazy but and do it. I have learned from past mistakes to not hype anything before it ready. I will say though the way things are going it should push the movie series up to number 17 or 18 when I get around to posting the stuff. Along with one or two special movie posts. Got a few TV posts on the back burner too.

As for when these thing will start rolling out I can’t say but hopefully soon. I am also debating about posting some original fiction but we will see how that goes.
Well for my few fans thanks for sticking around and hope to see you again when the ball starts rolling again.