Some recent movies I have watched 11

Super (2010)
Just a straight crazy fun movie. It is kind of like a more realistic Kick-Ass. The special effects were cheesy but fit the tone of the movie. The movie ended on a nice upbeat note. A scene toward the end that have me thinking wow it is a good thing Batman never had to deal with that. It was a fun movie that didn’t pull any punches when it came to the crazy over the top stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will give it a rewatch in the future.

I Am Number Four  (2011)
This movie has a good idea but the execution of it leaves me with questions. Some movies you can zone out on and just enjoy the ride. With this movie I tried to do that but plot holes and unanswered questions kept hitting me in the face. I believe this would have worked better as a book, tv show or comic series because in those types of media you can take time and develop or explain things. As a movie it felt compacted with a lot of things left up to the viewers to figure out. The false tension with the dog and girl felt unnecessary with how things worked out in the end. In the end I don’t care for the movie and with any luck won’t have to watch it again.

Coming to America (1988)
A classic that I remember seeing as a child along other movies from this era playing on tv constantly of corse they were heavily edited. The rich man becoming a poor man to find a wife is a classic plot. I throughly enjoyed this movie and the little things really sold this one for me. The cameo by the two characters from Trading Places was a surprise the first time I realize it.

Final Cut (2004)
There is nothing happy about this movie except for the main character finding out that a major event from his past did not happen the way he thought. The tech displayed in this movie was thought-provoking but know how it would fly in the real world. I think there would be a lot more exploited things done with the footage. Especially if the person is in the public eye. The ending was a big WTF moment for me as it was very abrupt and like a rush job.


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