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Some recent movies I have watched 12


Some thoughts on some movies no spoilers

Taken (2008)
A balls to the wall action movie and a thrill to watch. The movie felt shorter during the rewatch than when I first seen it. It was a sad end for the daughter’s friend. Overall the movie ended on a sad note because not counting the main characters everyone else is still stuck in the sad fate that was shown throughout the movie.

Cadence (1990)
It was a movie that I sat backed and watched with not much thought going into it during or after it was over. There were alot of things about race relations but have seen done better in other movies. Not saying this was a bad movie just not something that grabbed me in a positive or negative way.

Cougars Inc (2011)
A story I have seen before but at least this was mildly entertaining. The twist was not something I seen coming but it not something I expect from these types of movies either. This movie had an interesting story but in the end I had ho hum feeling about the movie overall.

X-Men First Class (2011)

I enjoyed the movie and did not see the continuity problems with the other four movies that people were talking about. I admit though that it been at least five years since my last viewing of the first three movies. I will poke around the net to see what the all the noise is about. The fleshing out of the backgrounds of characters we already knew from the other movies was a nice touch. All the cameos were well done and not distracting. The action scenes were cool to watch.  I would like to see more of these prequel films.


Some recent movies I have watched 11


Super (2010)
Just a straight crazy fun movie. It is kind of like a more realistic Kick-Ass. The special effects were cheesy but fit the tone of the movie. The movie ended on a nice upbeat note. A scene toward the end that have me thinking wow it is a good thing Batman never had to deal with that. It was a fun movie that didn’t pull any punches when it came to the crazy over the top stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will give it a rewatch in the future.

I Am Number Four  (2011)
This movie has a good idea but the execution of it leaves me with questions. Some movies you can zone out on and just enjoy the ride. With this movie I tried to do that but plot holes and unanswered questions kept hitting me in the face. I believe this would have worked better as a book, tv show or comic series because in those types of media you can take time and develop or explain things. As a movie it felt compacted with a lot of things left up to the viewers to figure out. The false tension with the dog and girl felt unnecessary with how things worked out in the end. In the end I don’t care for the movie and with any luck won’t have to watch it again.

Coming to America (1988)
A classic that I remember seeing as a child along other movies from this era playing on tv constantly of corse they were heavily edited. The rich man becoming a poor man to find a wife is a classic plot. I throughly enjoyed this movie and the little things really sold this one for me. The cameo by the two characters from Trading Places was a surprise the first time I realize it.

Final Cut (2004)
There is nothing happy about this movie except for the main character finding out that a major event from his past did not happen the way he thought. The tech displayed in this movie was thought-provoking but know how it would fly in the real world. I think there would be a lot more exploited things done with the footage. Especially if the person is in the public eye. The ending was a big WTF moment for me as it was very abrupt and like a rush job.

Some recent movies I have watched 10


The Faculty (1998)
During this rewatch I realized that Zeke was cooking up and selling a substance very similar to meth. The light blub went off when they were in the garage making another batch. I liked the idea of the aliens trying to come into the back door as it was something different. The movie had a real dark tone to it and was closer to high school than a lot of movies from the decade. The scene during the football game where this song is playing was a perfect touch. I rewatch this movie every few years or so. I don’t know why I think it has to do with the age I saw it. If you want a more critical view of the movie check this blog out.

Paul (2011)
I really liked this movie as it was funny with out the use of gross out or shock humor of most comedies today. The reveals of who the alien was and his ties to history was interesting. I will add to the collection when I am able. Sorry this short but can’t say to much without spoiling it.

Battle Los Angeles (2011)
Was an enjoyable movie. Modern style war movies is a movie type I enjoy.The shaky cam potions of the film left me confused as to what was going on. The aliens had a plan which I like better than the cardboard brutes types that only thought is to kill humans. This is one of the few invasion movies where you feel how jacked up the world is going to be after the threat is fought off. In the end was a fun movie to zone out on and watch. Here is a good write up on the movie check out the site for good stuff too.

Faster (2010)
A fun revenge movie like a video game where he takes down the lackeys before encountering the big boss. I did not know what but thought something was up with the Big Bad when he/she popped up on screen but didn’t figure out what what it might be until later. Not much else to say without spoiling the plot. Just like the one above it a nice one to zone out on.