Thoughts on various comics I read recently

Just a little something to tide the spam bots over until I get back to a regular schedule. Since all these are fairly recent I going to give general thoughts on these books.

Super Dinosaur #1&2 (Image)
This series feels like a throwback to the cartoons of my youth. The Free Comic Day edition of the first issue hooked me  so much that I added it to my pull list after  reading.

Boys #52-54 (Dynamite)
A flashback tale that bored the hell out of me. I wound up dropping this book as I have no patience for books that lose me like this. Especially something I am not attached to.

Megaman #1&2 (Archie)
Love the art and the story is off to a good start. Hope they change it up a little bit.  I can see where this title can get formalistic based on the way the story is handled in the second issue. Well Archie seems to be in it for the long haul as they are taking orders for a 12 issue subscription. As a fan of the character even if this falls apart I see myself hanging on to the end.

The Walking Dead #85 (Image)
A breather/setup issue after the events that happen a few months ago. I am interested to see where this new direction leads the group.

Marvel Zombies Supreme #4 (Marvel)
These mini series are hit and miss as far as I am concerned. Lucky for me these things last only 4 to 6 issues. I will see how the Christmas Carol one shapes up before I decide to drop the book or not.

Darkclaw #1 (Amalgam)
Pulled from my stack of books that I got from the Atlanta Comic Convention in Feb 2010. It was a nice blend of characters from the two universes. Really going to hunt down the trades or single issues of the other books in the line.


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