Customer service is dead

After a trip to the local comic shop I decided to go get something to eat. I walked in the door and barely two steps in the cashier looks at me like I just took a dump on the counter. I then proceeded to turn around and walked back home.

This is just one example of some of the problems I have had with this place. Now if you go into the business before 2pm everything is cool and as it should be. When you go in there any time after that especially before closing you get death stares that would kill an elephant. The other thing the place never closes at the time posted it usually 15 or 20 minutes before hand.

At another place the guy at the counter seemed high and didn’t know how to answer simple questions about the food they were serving. One day at yet another place the two people behind the counter were two busy trying to chat up a girl than take my order. The woman they were talking to had to point out I was standing right there in front of them and they might want to do their job. They looked at me and continued to chat with her. In both these cases I walked out.

Now I know this type of job sucks hard and you have to deal with the occasional asshole sometimes. At least pretend to care for the short time the customer is there because I can’t help it you are stuck in a crappy job. With the attitude these people displayed I understand why they end up stuck in these places.


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