One step forward two steps back.

One step forward:
I decided to move and room with a person I known for about 10 years so I can finally get some things sorted out that cost money. So around the time July rolls around I will be sitting pretty as far as money goes. It making to that point that will test my patience.

Two steps back:
On July 9 2010 I signed a 12 month lease on a apartment. Flash forward to today June 3 2011 where I turned in my 30 day notice for the non renewal of my lease. I find out that in reality I signed a 13 month lease and if I want to leave in June I will have to pay a early lease termination fee and lose my security deposit. I can’t tell you how pissed I was because July 9 2010 to July 31 2011 is not a year. Anyway since I was a good tenant and all they that they would put my security deposit toward July’s rent and I pay the remainder. I am still mad at the situation but it could have been worse.

When asked why I was leaving I told them the basics that I was moving to a less expensive accommodations and also it took THREE WEEKS to fix the A/C. Anyone from the south knows how unbearable it can get once the temperate starts to move up.

Well hopefully this is the last of the speed bumps before I get to the finish line.


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