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From a good Ebay deal to crap in 60 seconds


Well this story might bore some but somebody might get a kick out my bad luck. I won an auction on Ebay for X-Men 2099 #1-26 for $11 including shipping.
Feeling pretty good about scoring this good deal I paid and waited for the package to arrive. This is what it looked like when I got it.


If you look in the lower right hand corner you can see the sorry your package is “fucked up” bag the the post office put it in. That when I checked the contents all that was inside was issues 1,2 and some Rules of Engagement handbook from the military. I contacted the seller told him what happened as expected he had no clue but told me that the he did not put the handbook in the package.

I went to the post office to see what could be done to recover the missing contents and find out what the hell happened. After looking at the package they tell me that they suspect the bulkiness of the contents caused stress on  the envelop  and that the seller should have used a  box instead. The ROE handbook that was inside appeared to be from a another package and they took it just in case there was a claim on it like the one I filled out.

I filled in the seller on what might have happened and basically told him I am not going to beat him over the head for $5 but I am not leaving any feedback for him. The reason being I did not feel right leaving a positive note when I didn’t get what I paid for and it might have been his fault for improper packaging. Since I can’t prove it was his fault I was not going to leave a negative one either.

In the end they will have the word out for three months looking for the missing books but I am not going to hold my breath. Hopefully I can get the same or better deal when I go to the one day show in Atlanta next month.


Thoughts on various comics I read recently


Just a little something to tide the spam bots over until I get back to a regular schedule. Since all these are fairly recent I going to give general thoughts on these books.

Super Dinosaur #1&2 (Image)
This series feels like a throwback to the cartoons of my youth. The Free Comic Day edition of the first issue hooked me  so much that I added it to my pull list after  reading.

Boys #52-54 (Dynamite)
A flashback tale that bored the hell out of me. I wound up dropping this book as I have no patience for books that lose me like this. Especially something I am not attached to.

Megaman #1&2 (Archie)
Love the art and the story is off to a good start. Hope they change it up a little bit.  I can see where this title can get formalistic based on the way the story is handled in the second issue. Well Archie seems to be in it for the long haul as they are taking orders for a 12 issue subscription. As a fan of the character even if this falls apart I see myself hanging on to the end.

The Walking Dead #85 (Image)
A breather/setup issue after the events that happen a few months ago. I am interested to see where this new direction leads the group.

Marvel Zombies Supreme #4 (Marvel)
These mini series are hit and miss as far as I am concerned. Lucky for me these things last only 4 to 6 issues. I will see how the Christmas Carol one shapes up before I decide to drop the book or not.

Darkclaw #1 (Amalgam)
Pulled from my stack of books that I got from the Atlanta Comic Convention in Feb 2010. It was a nice blend of characters from the two universes. Really going to hunt down the trades or single issues of the other books in the line.

For anyone who cares


I know I have at least one regular reader among the multitude of spam bots. This is just a little update as to what is going on and why this place has stopped producing content since the 16th of May. For one I need to recharge my batteries and two I am in the process of moving. So until around the first few weeks of July there will not be much going on here aside from the random rambling you have seen in the last week.

Also to that one person let me know who you are I know get here from facebook. I not asking for any long conversation just drop me a message to say hi.
Anyway have fun people and see you in the future.

Customer service is dead


After a trip to the local comic shop I decided to go get something to eat. I walked in the door and barely two steps in the cashier looks at me like I just took a dump on the counter. I then proceeded to turn around and walked back home.

This is just one example of some of the problems I have had with this place. Now if you go into the business before 2pm everything is cool and as it should be. When you go in there any time after that especially before closing you get death stares that would kill an elephant. The other thing the place never closes at the time posted it usually 15 or 20 minutes before hand.

At another place the guy at the counter seemed high and didn’t know how to answer simple questions about the food they were serving. One day at yet another place the two people behind the counter were two busy trying to chat up a girl than take my order. The woman they were talking to had to point out I was standing right there in front of them and they might want to do their job. They looked at me and continued to chat with her. In both these cases I walked out.

Now I know this type of job sucks hard and you have to deal with the occasional asshole sometimes. At least pretend to care for the short time the customer is there because I can’t help it you are stuck in a crappy job. With the attitude these people displayed I understand why they end up stuck in these places.

One step forward two steps back.


One step forward:
I decided to move and room with a person I known for about 10 years so I can finally get some things sorted out that cost money. So around the time July rolls around I will be sitting pretty as far as money goes. It making to that point that will test my patience.

Two steps back:
On July 9 2010 I signed a 12 month lease on a apartment. Flash forward to today June 3 2011 where I turned in my 30 day notice for the non renewal of my lease. I find out that in reality I signed a 13 month lease and if I want to leave in June I will have to pay a early lease termination fee and lose my security deposit. I can’t tell you how pissed I was because July 9 2010 to July 31 2011 is not a year. Anyway since I was a good tenant and all they that they would put my security deposit toward July’s rent and I pay the remainder. I am still mad at the situation but it could have been worse.

When asked why I was leaving I told them the basics that I was moving to a less expensive accommodations and also it took THREE WEEKS to fix the A/C. Anyone from the south knows how unbearable it can get once the temperate starts to move up.

Well hopefully this is the last of the speed bumps before I get to the finish line.