Some thoughts on trades/graphic novels I own 6

Not much to say on this next group these next volumes had their moments but were overall were lacking to say the least. If I can score them on the cheap I plan on getting the rest of the trades when money and time permits.

Ultimate X-Men Part 2:

Volume 8: New Mutants
Good to see some new characters added to the books. The death was shocking but having a PR mutant team something bad was bound to happen. This Dazzler is more interesting to me that her main line counterpart. Last I found her interesting was in AoA.

Volume 9: The Tempest
Sinister was something different than is counterpart in the main universe. Sad to see so many interesting character from the main universe get reduced to cannon fodder in this universe.
Seeing the rookies working together to take out the bad guy was a welcome addition.

Volume 10: Cry Wolf
The worse of this lot really did not care about the story overall only the little character beats kept me reading.

Volume 11: The Most Dangerous Game
I think it is nice they stream lined Mojo, Longshot and Arcade previous origins into a more grounded real world take. The twist with Longshot and the effects it left on the team was a interesting. That what  makes me want to get the next volume to see where things go.


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