Some recent movies I have watched 9

EdTV (1999)
The crazy about this and the next movie is I swear they came out after the reality tv boom of the early 2000s. Sometimes your memory plays tricks on you. The true fun of the movie is the rise and fall of Ed as he is faced with fame. Just like most reality tv personalities 1 to 3 years later. Of not to the magnitude that Ed experiences. Overall not something I see myself rewatching in the next few years.

The Truman Show (1998)
This one is a lot different take on the man in the fishbowl than the previous movie. Of course this could never be done in the real world. the actors contracts in this world would be some crazy stuff to read. All in all liked this one better than EdTv but still don’t see myself owning this one.

Training Day (2001)
I like the movie. The life lessons sprinkled though the movie are thought provoking. Also it’s something that make me think about the nature of the world we live in.
The brawl at the end was just plain brutal and a lot more realistic than other action movies. Eva Mendes is hot. The ending of even in a corrupt world your actions still matter.
This movie is one of the select few that I can rewatch and not be bored.

Timer (2009)
A movie with an interesting concept. Knowing my luck I would probably end up with a blank timer or one that has a insanely high number. The problem is with a device like that a lot of people alive right would not have been born. I enjoyed the movie but with this genre of movie the plot doesn’t lead to rewatches for me.


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