My thoughts on various TV shows 2

This is loosely connected to the past post  on this subject. I am just changing the formatting of it. Much like the movies and trade/graphic novel series these are just my thoughts on the shows and not a full blown review. On the more recent stuff I will not spoil any major plot points.

Buying/Selling Type Reality Shows:

Storage Wars
I started watching this show around the beginning of season one. The people are bidding on abandoned storage units. They are a cut throat bunch when they think big profits are involved. Some of the guys are straight assholes bidding things up they don’t want just so the other guy will go broke. I was about to drop the show because it seems all sunshine and rainbows as it looked like everyone was making out like bandits. Then somewhere around episode 5 or 6 they showed a bidder  losing money on a unit. Which to me brought a little more excitement to show . I now got to see these people can and do lose money in this business. Nowadays I catch the show when I can which is not often due to factors beyond my control.

Pawn Stars
I enjoyed this show at first as it had a wacky group of people working in this pawn shop. It is entertaining when someone brings in a  treasure to learn it’s junk. Like the one guy who had a fit about some antique he brought only to discover it was fake. The thing is after mid way though the second season I dropped this show. The reason being I felt there was nothing new I could get from the show as all the variations on the format have been played out.

American Pickers
I enjoy this show and catch when I can. The main guys are a fun couple of guys that seem to be having fun traveling around looking at junk. I think the reason I like this show is the hunt for the next big thing. Their shop assistance is nice to look at as well. I hope sometime in the future they have a behind the scenes type of show so I can see some of the logistics of the travel and moving of their purchases.

Hardcore Pawn
I quit watching this show after the second episode. As it felt like a hyped up version of Pawn Stars with none of the good vibe. I admit it may have gotten better but I was not sticking around to find out. Given that I got burned out on Pawn Stars I did not have hope for it’s Bizarro cousin keeping my interest long.


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