Some thoughts on trades/graphic novels I own 5

Not much of a preface to this as the books speak for themselves. The theme of this one will be obvious and will be a quick and dirty post as I don’t have many books that can ride with these two. On with the show.

The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 1
I started getting the series in single issue format around #46. Before then I always got the comic though other means because of money issues at the time. I wanted to get the other issues I didn’t have in a more tactile format. After looking at the different options this massive volume was the most cost efficient for me.

I jumped on board when issue 25 hits the stands and I must say it been a while since a series has got its hooks into me like this one. I read the first 25 issues in one long caffeine fueled sitting and have not looked back since. What caused me to start buying the issues was due to the delay between the time a issue was release on the street and when it popped out on the net. Now I know with the way the net is today that sounds a little off but trust me the wait was painful.

To remain spoiler free because I know people are jumping onto this series everyday especially with the new weekly reprints. The book is like a roller coaster ride from issue 1 till the most current stuff. Runs of issues where much doesn’t seem to be going on. Joined by whole stretches of balls to the wall craziness. The whole concept of nobody is safe and anybody can die would be a good tag line for this book. In the end this book is more about the characters than the zombies themselves. Which is why I keep coming back to this book month after month. Now I just got a massive phone book to read when I get bored.

I got this book for $37.19 which is a far cry for the banged up copy the local Barnes & Noble wanted. Which was around $60 dollars. The back cover was torn but they don’t knock anything off the price for stuff like that. Which I think is crazy. For anyone interested here is a link to the instock trades page for this book

The Walking Dead Covers
I usually don’t buy books like this because they are usually fancy picture books. This one interested me because of some of the behind the scenes stuff that is in the book.


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