Things that will make me stop listening to your podcast

Now these things will not make me drop a show in the recycle bin on the first listen. I will let a lot slide but after the 3rd episode if these things continue I more than likely stop listening. These are my personal thoughts and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I am not going to name any shows as that is not the point of this post.

The show sounds like you are reading from the Wikipedia article about the subject.
Using the wiki entry as a guideline and expanding on it is fine. Reading word for word the article adding a few comments to me shows laziness and that you are trying to fill a quota. Listened to a show once where the hosts had to stop because the subject they were speaking about did not have wiki page. They then proceeded to ramble about others things for the rest of the show.

Talking about a subject you know nothing about but play off like you do.
I know everyone is not going to know every detail on a subject but when you start to get the basics wrong I get annoyed. Megaman is not the red bomber. Ninja Turtles existed before the cartoon. I can go on and on.

Disrespecting the listeners
I am not talking about defending yourself from an insane or misinformed listeners. When you make general statements that tell the listeners they are idiots or fools for disagreeing with your views. I hear people talking crap to me everyday I don’t want to hear it in my entertainment.

Spend 10min talking about the subject of the show then another 45min talking about something else.
The great shows are able to go on tangents and then dive back into the subject at hand. The bad shows do not. I enjoy ramble sessions and are not knocking them.  Basically don’t lie to me in your description if it just you and your buddies shooting the breeze for a few hours tell me up front.

Repeating the same points over and over again.
This has more to do with people repeating the same rants over and over again than anything else. I can let this slide when there is time  between the outburst or when they are intelligent. When they become childish and repeated multiple times in the same show it gets old quick. Also beyond rants when a podcast network/hub is just a bunch of people copying each other. I stopped listening to Lost and some Survivor podcasts for this reason.

Excessive talk about politics or religion when your show isn’t about either
I think everyone understands what I mean by this.

Doing a rush job on a subject
I don’t expect a 3 hour epic about a topic. I just want a show that takes it’s time with a subject and not shoveling garbage to meet a deadline. I much rather have a good podcast that is late than a bad one that is on time.


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