Some thoughts on trades/graphic novels I own 3

No Theme today just a group of books that don’t fit any where else.

Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression
A good time travel story. This made me want to check out other offering out there. The art was easy on the eyes and along with the story being easy to digest.

Buffy Omnibus vol 1
Like the reworking of the movie plot to fit into the tv show universe. The rest of the book sheds some light on some plot points that were briefly mentioned in the tv show. Like her past trip to a mental institution. Overall a nice read but not sure If I going to pick up any of the other volumes.

Robocop vs The Terminator
Liked this book so much that it was one of the  few survivors of the Great Purge of 03. The Robo-Terminator toward the end of the book was bad ass. Showing the fluidity of the time stream was a nice touch. The art was nice to look at also.

The American
The major story for the first half of the book was enjoyable. Though after the mystery was revealed the rest of the book bored me to tears.


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