Some thoughts on trades/graphic novels I own 2

Same as before now with a vanilla smell.

DC/Marvel Crossovers:

I really enjoyed this book. The way two universes differ  from each other was fascinating. The final battle was a feast for the eyes.The throwback to the old JSA/JLA team ups were a nice touch and could see things playing out like that if the history of comics were different.

DC vs Marvel
Not a bad story but it harder to enjoy this story like I used to after reading JLA/Avengers.The interactions between characters is cool to see as are the fights.Seeing supporting casts and Joe Q Public freaking out was a nice treat. The best I think came out of this was the Amaglam books. I didn’t really care for the art as it seemed to cartoony in some places.

DC/Marvel Crossover Classics 2
Some of the stories bored me and the rest were just so so. I will reread in the future to see if maybe the things going on in my life had a adverse effect on my enjoyment of the book.

Return to the Amaglam Age of Comics: The Marvel Comics Collection
I liked the smash up of the universes and the surprises that pop up when reading these books. I liked the art in the different issues and that definably affected my positive view on the book. Will try to get the other 3 trades. The DC ones look to be fairly easy to come by but the other Marvel one is to pricey for my tastes. I guessed they didn’t print that many of them compared to the DC ones.


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