Some recent movies I have watched 6

Same as the other five. This is short today because this group of movies didn’t lead to long-winded write up as past ones have.

The Craft (1996)
An enjoyable movie with some minor annoying female centric scenes. Hearing the theme from tv show Charmed about halfway though the movie threw me back a min.
I like the low-tech approach to showing magic on screen. The sad thing is I started to feel bad for the bullies toward the end of the film. This is not a film I own and don’t see myself adding it to the collection. Not saying it is a bad movie just some elements turn me off.

You Again (2010)
Some parts of the story caught my interest but those small parts were overshadowed by bland and sometimes confusing story. The way the Joanna character flipped flopped throughout the movie about her feeling on her past annoyed the crap out of me.I also felt the sub plot between Curtis and Weaver’s characters felt unnecessarily tacked on.
Not something I will choose to watch again.

The Covenant (2006)
A flashy movie that take awhile for the story to get started. I don’t mind movies with a slow build. Just when there is nothing about the build that keeps me entertained I get bored. The visuals and mythology were cool but were killed by the slow plot.

Spellbound (2002)
Not a bad little documentary. The layout were real nice as you get to know the kids before their big tournament appearance. Some of the length these kids will go to win were scary and sad when they lost. The updates provided as a bonus feature was okay but a little cleaned up when you read what happened to some of the kids.


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