Some thoughts on trades/graphic novels I own

Just like the movie posts this series is going to cover my thoughts on the trades I own.  I also thought this would be more fun than posting a massive list.

Black & White Reprints:

Gen 13 Archives vol 1
This was an entertaining read even though some of the plots I have seen in various forms in  other media. Really enjoyed issue  #1/2 with the time traveler as I have not seen that direction  taken very often with these types of stories. One problem I had was the reprints of issues  #9-10 were parts in some larger crossovers. Now #9 was not that bad as I was able to get the  gist of the story with out reading the issue that contained the first part of the story.
I can’t say that about issues 10 & 11 they were unreadable as major plot points took place  in other books. Do not seeing my self going out of my way looking for other collected  editions of Gen 13 unless I see them cheap like I found this one.

Savage Dragon Archives vol 1
Was an enjoyable read that took me no time at all to finish. Lots of balls to the wall  action. This is a nice change of pace from some of the other stuff I have been reading.
Plan on picking up future volumes as the funds permit. The only problem was that some of the  panels don’t translate well to this format but luckily that when away after the first few  issues.

Johan Hex Showcase vol 1
Not my normal cup of tea when it comes to genres but my interest was peaked after hearing  this podcast. The twist ending were fun for the most part and the slower stories were over  fast enough that it did not bog down the book to much. The sad thing is the last 100 pages  have nothing to do with Hex and makes you feel slighted when the cover advertises 500 pages  of Johan Hex. I would like to read more in the future just have to find the time.

Essential Spider-Man vol 7
Started with this volume because I have read the early stuff in some form or another many  times. The problem is I did not read the fine print and realized after purchase I already  owned a trade that collected a good chunk of these issues. Anyway live and learn. I had to  back off from reading this because of the for mentioned point and for the fact after reading  the Savage Dragon above it was hard going back to an old style of story.


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