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Things that will make me stop listening to your podcast


Now these things will not make me drop a show in the recycle bin on the first listen. I will let a lot slide but after the 3rd episode if these things continue I more than likely stop listening. These are my personal thoughts and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I am not going to name any shows as that is not the point of this post.

The show sounds like you are reading from the Wikipedia article about the subject.
Using the wiki entry as a guideline and expanding on it is fine. Reading word for word the article adding a few comments to me shows laziness and that you are trying to fill a quota. Listened to a show once where the hosts had to stop because the subject they were speaking about did not have wiki page. They then proceeded to ramble about others things for the rest of the show.

Talking about a subject you know nothing about but play off like you do.
I know everyone is not going to know every detail on a subject but when you start to get the basics wrong I get annoyed. Megaman is not the red bomber. Ninja Turtles existed before the cartoon. I can go on and on.

Disrespecting the listeners
I am not talking about defending yourself from an insane or misinformed listeners. When you make general statements that tell the listeners they are idiots or fools for disagreeing with your views. I hear people talking crap to me everyday I don’t want to hear it in my entertainment.

Spend 10min talking about the subject of the show then another 45min talking about something else.
The great shows are able to go on tangents and then dive back into the subject at hand. The bad shows do not. I enjoy ramble sessions and are not knocking them.  Basically don’t lie to me in your description if it just you and your buddies shooting the breeze for a few hours tell me up front.

Repeating the same points over and over again.
This has more to do with people repeating the same rants over and over again than anything else. I can let this slide when there is time  between the outburst or when they are intelligent. When they become childish and repeated multiple times in the same show it gets old quick. Also beyond rants when a podcast network/hub is just a bunch of people copying each other. I stopped listening to Lost and some Survivor podcasts for this reason.

Excessive talk about politics or religion when your show isn’t about either
I think everyone understands what I mean by this.

Doing a rush job on a subject
I don’t expect a 3 hour epic about a topic. I just want a show that takes it’s time with a subject and not shoveling garbage to meet a deadline. I much rather have a good podcast that is late than a bad one that is on time.


Some recent movies I have watched 7


Since It has been awhile I restate the purpose of this series is for me to give my thoughts on movies I have watched in the last few months. These are not reviews. I try not to spoil these films but slip ups happen.

Changeling (2008)
Like the mystery and setting of the movie. The reality of what happened to the kids is sad. This is one of those movies that shows you not everything was better in the old days.
Reading about the real life case behind this story was enlightening. In the ways of how facts are pruned to make a more streamlined story. I see other media do this many times.I guess the movie subject matter had something that hooked me in more than others.

Fido (2006)
Crazy ass zombie movie. I would not mind seeing an Ken Burns style doc on the history this world up until this point in the movie. Unlike the post apocalyptic version we see all the time this world was able to come to a stale mate.  A zombie sex slave was a little crazy though but then the whole movie had a humorous bent to it.

The Lottery (2010)
Is a movie that makes me realize that there is a lot of things that have changed since I went to school in the dark days of the 80s and 90s. The interaction between the parents/guardians and the kids were a mixed bag of pleasant and hard to watch. The movie is pro charter school but I have to wonder what the other side of the story is.

The Negotiator (1998)
A movie with a lot of twists and turns. Had some good red herrings to throw you off track to the real bad guys. The take down of the bad guys along with who they were was a nice treat.

Some thoughts on trades/graphic novels I own 3


No Theme today just a group of books that don’t fit any where else.

Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression
A good time travel story. This made me want to check out other offering out there. The art was easy on the eyes and along with the story being easy to digest.

Buffy Omnibus vol 1
Like the reworking of the movie plot to fit into the tv show universe. The rest of the book sheds some light on some plot points that were briefly mentioned in the tv show. Like her past trip to a mental institution. Overall a nice read but not sure If I going to pick up any of the other volumes.

Robocop vs The Terminator
Liked this book so much that it was one of the  few survivors of the Great Purge of 03. The Robo-Terminator toward the end of the book was bad ass. Showing the fluidity of the time stream was a nice touch. The art was nice to look at also.

The American
The major story for the first half of the book was enjoyable. Though after the mystery was revealed the rest of the book bored me to tears.

Some thought on Scream 4


Unlike my normal movie posts this one is a lot longer to try to group it with other movies and is also spoiler filled also.

This is spoiler filled so to protect people from seeing things they don’t want to see on the front page. I used a little trickery to hide the post.

You been warned if you like to continue click here

Some thoughts on trades/graphic novels I own 2


Same as before now with a vanilla smell.

DC/Marvel Crossovers:

I really enjoyed this book. The way two universes differ  from each other was fascinating. The final battle was a feast for the eyes.The throwback to the old JSA/JLA team ups were a nice touch and could see things playing out like that if the history of comics were different.

DC vs Marvel
Not a bad story but it harder to enjoy this story like I used to after reading JLA/Avengers.The interactions between characters is cool to see as are the fights.Seeing supporting casts and Joe Q Public freaking out was a nice treat. The best I think came out of this was the Amaglam books. I didn’t really care for the art as it seemed to cartoony in some places.

DC/Marvel Crossover Classics 2
Some of the stories bored me and the rest were just so so. I will reread in the future to see if maybe the things going on in my life had a adverse effect on my enjoyment of the book.

Return to the Amaglam Age of Comics: The Marvel Comics Collection
I liked the smash up of the universes and the surprises that pop up when reading these books. I liked the art in the different issues and that definably affected my positive view on the book. Will try to get the other 3 trades. The DC ones look to be fairly easy to come by but the other Marvel one is to pricey for my tastes. I guessed they didn’t print that many of them compared to the DC ones.

Some recent movies I have watched 6


Same as the other five. This is short today because this group of movies didn’t lead to long-winded write up as past ones have.

The Craft (1996)
An enjoyable movie with some minor annoying female centric scenes. Hearing the theme from tv show Charmed about halfway though the movie threw me back a min.
I like the low-tech approach to showing magic on screen. The sad thing is I started to feel bad for the bullies toward the end of the film. This is not a film I own and don’t see myself adding it to the collection. Not saying it is a bad movie just some elements turn me off.

You Again (2010)
Some parts of the story caught my interest but those small parts were overshadowed by bland and sometimes confusing story. The way the Joanna character flipped flopped throughout the movie about her feeling on her past annoyed the crap out of me.I also felt the sub plot between Curtis and Weaver’s characters felt unnecessarily tacked on.
Not something I will choose to watch again.

The Covenant (2006)
A flashy movie that take awhile for the story to get started. I don’t mind movies with a slow build. Just when there is nothing about the build that keeps me entertained I get bored. The visuals and mythology were cool but were killed by the slow plot.

Spellbound (2002)
Not a bad little documentary. The layout were real nice as you get to know the kids before their big tournament appearance. Some of the length these kids will go to win were scary and sad when they lost. The updates provided as a bonus feature was okay but a little cleaned up when you read what happened to some of the kids.

Some thoughts on trades/graphic novels I own


Just like the movie posts this series is going to cover my thoughts on the trades I own.  I also thought this would be more fun than posting a massive list.

Black & White Reprints:

Gen 13 Archives vol 1
This was an entertaining read even though some of the plots I have seen in various forms in  other media. Really enjoyed issue  #1/2 with the time traveler as I have not seen that direction  taken very often with these types of stories. One problem I had was the reprints of issues  #9-10 were parts in some larger crossovers. Now #9 was not that bad as I was able to get the  gist of the story with out reading the issue that contained the first part of the story.
I can’t say that about issues 10 & 11 they were unreadable as major plot points took place  in other books. Do not seeing my self going out of my way looking for other collected  editions of Gen 13 unless I see them cheap like I found this one.

Savage Dragon Archives vol 1
Was an enjoyable read that took me no time at all to finish. Lots of balls to the wall  action. This is a nice change of pace from some of the other stuff I have been reading.
Plan on picking up future volumes as the funds permit. The only problem was that some of the  panels don’t translate well to this format but luckily that when away after the first few  issues.

Johan Hex Showcase vol 1
Not my normal cup of tea when it comes to genres but my interest was peaked after hearing  this podcast. The twist ending were fun for the most part and the slower stories were over  fast enough that it did not bog down the book to much. The sad thing is the last 100 pages  have nothing to do with Hex and makes you feel slighted when the cover advertises 500 pages  of Johan Hex. I would like to read more in the future just have to find the time.

Essential Spider-Man vol 7
Started with this volume because I have read the early stuff in some form or another many  times. The problem is I did not read the fine print and realized after purchase I already  owned a trade that collected a good chunk of these issues. Anyway live and learn. I had to  back off from reading this because of the for mentioned point and for the fact after reading  the Savage Dragon above it was hard going back to an old style of story.