Some recent movies I have watched 5

My non spoiler thoughts on some movies I seen recently.  A short one this time.


8 Mile (2002)
Like the message of  Go for your dreams but have something to keep you surviving the day to day grind. Like how in the final battle against the champ he is able to take all the ammo from the guy and leave him with nothing to shoot with.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006)
Like the behind the scenes approach to the slasher character. The set up is a nice twist on these types of films. If I did not know there was a twist coming at the end I believe I would have had no clue about it until it happened. Another nice thing is it was not as gory as a lot of movie recently have been. If they do make a sequel will probably check it out.

Christine (1983)

A movie I vaguely remember from my childhood. Getting run down by a runaway car is a small fear of mine so this movie hit home to some extent. Not to bad of a story If I get some time in the future might read the book.

Lottery Ticket (2010)
Just a fun movie with the standard happy ending. The movie was entertaining but not something I think I would watch again. I was just going to pass this one by because of the paint by numbers story but got bored one day so I popped it in.


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