Some recent movies I have watched 4

Again this is just my non spoiler thoughts on the movies.

Harsh Times (2005)
An enjoyable movie about one guy’s decent into madness. The movie didn’t end like I thought it was going to but that is a good thing. The character had no restraint to the levels he would go. Which was fun to watch and in the end there was only two ways I see the story ending. The writer’s took the more unhappy ending route which was a nice change of pace from this type of movie.

State Property 2 (2005)
I enjoyed the first movie somewhat so I thought would give this a try. The plot was so thin that I was guessing the outcome to the story well before the ending. The flashbacks of the characters was a nice touch but in some cases was useless because some characters never went anywhere beyond the flashbacks. The movie was not boring but it had no substance that a second viewing would be hard to get though.

Black Christmas (2006)
Whoever said the one good thing about this movie was the assortment of hot women was not kidding as this movie is packed with them. The main story was blah but found the back story interesting. The red herrings about the ID of the killer was to obvious to be taken seriously. Did not care for the gross out moments though. The ending seem to be tacked on and seem to be a start of a another movie. When I get a chance and can find a copy of the original will sit down and watch it.

Snakes on a Plane (2006)
A fun nature gone amok movie. I always believed that worse place to be during a monster attack is a plane or a sub. Even if you survive the attack chances are you will die from the impending plane or sub crash.


2 Responses to “Some recent movies I have watched 4”

  1. Mario Lanza Says:

    Yeah watch the original Black Christmas. One of the most influential horror movies ever. Halloween (1978) totally ripped off parts of it.

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