Some recent movies I have watched 3

Again this is just my non spoiler thoughts on the movies not a review. if you are interested here is a link to the first and second post

Logan’s Run (1976)
All I remember from my last viewing was Logan seeing his hand flash, the Lincoln Memorial and what I though was the Library of Congress. I was born in 1980 so seen it the first time as a young boy.

During the rewatch the nudity was to such a degree that it makes me think I definitely seen the edited for TV version the last time around. Something about style of these movies that when I watched them I am able to give the special effects a pass because of other elements present. The only scene to make me cringe is when the ice cave collapsed. The robot was a nice throw back to the old days of movies. I like seeing familiar landmarks in post apocalyptic setting as they make me wonder.

To me the story was real light in substance in the last half. Where the beginning had more meat to it because of the layers of mythology that seem to be there. At the end I was thinking that’s it and wow I thought their was more to it. In the end I realized My mind melded the outside scenes with the scenes from the Future in the Time Machine together into one movie minus the Morlocks.

Here is a good podcast on Logan’s Run Two True Freaks 155

Catfish (2010)
Nice little documentary that is about what do you do when you find out this girl you been talking to over the internet is not who you says she is. This guy and his friends decide to travel Michigan to found who and why a person would do this. The suspense of what will they find had me on the edge of my seat and my mind racing with the possibility of what they would find. I like that the guys toned down their approach from anger to understanding when they find out the truth. The story that the title gets its name from at the end was a nice tale that made you think. If you have not seen it watch it.

Skyline (2010)
Alien invasion is the most brutal form I have ever seen on film. No punches are pulled which makes this a great change of pace from the normal cookie cutter invasion films. The fight scene on the roof between two humans and one of the alien creatures was so gritty that it made me think of a caveman. The ending was a trip and would not mine seeing a sequel going beyond what the ending setup.

Paid in Full (2002)

I rewatched this movie on fluke one night. On a second viewing you start to question the actions the traitor makes throughout the film. Seeing someone go from the bottom to the top is just entertaining to me. Even though I am not the person these types of movies are marketed toward I still find enjoyment out of this type of film if the story is good. This is one of those movies. Maybe it is because I am able to see a slice of what people of the other side of the law go though.  I have heard about a documentary based on the real life events that this movie is based on. When I find it I will definitely watch.

Man From Earth (2007)

This movie Starts out simply enough but about mid way though the main character drops a bomb  on his groups of friends that has some questioning the nature of what they believe. I can’t really say much without spoiling the movie. So  If a movie taking place in one location and about a group of people talking doesn’t bother you give it a try.


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