The bad things about having a good memory is

You freak people out
I have to decide if  I want to play dumb or not depending on the situation at hand. At work it doesn’t matter because I am not going to waste time playing dumb if it gets the job done sooner and my ass out of their on time.

You have deal with people always saying events didn’t happen

This is the most annoying out of the list. having to listen to a person with self proclaimed bad memory wanting to demiss past events because they don’t recall them or are to ashamed to admit that the event happen. If the person is not combative about the subject  I  start ticking off a timeline of events trying to jog their memory or we agree it’s a moot point and move on.

Example: Was talking to a chick in High School as we were waiting for the bus. The whole time she is bad talking a “friend” of hers. Trying to get on the girl good side I am just nodding and agreeing with the topic at hand. The next day was trying to start a convo again when I bring up the topic of the previous day she has no clue what I am talking about. She gets pissed I am left confused and annoyed.

You get phone calls asking where I remember seeing such and such object.

This not that annoying because of how rare it happens nowadays.

Example: While at home watching Tv a previous employer/family friend calls me and asks me do I know where a particular part is. I proceed to tell him in great detail how it is on the left side of the green van, on the top shelf under the old ice maker. to say the least he was shocked.


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